How To Fix Your Nintendo Switch Won’t Turn On Issue

Introduction and Different Method to Fix Nintendo Switch won’t turn on Issue

Nintendo Switch

The first thing you should do is to charge your Nintendo switch for at least 30 minutes, just to make sure that the battery has some type of power inside. When charging your Nintendo switch, make sure you use proper original power cable from Nintendo itself, make sure it is official from Nintendo because if you use another third-party USB type C, it could damage the Nintendo switch or it could damage the battery inside a Nintendo switch so you want to make sure you use the original power supply from Nintendo itself.

Method 1 To Fix Your Nintendo Switch Won’t Turn On

Now once a Nintendo switch has been plugged in for around 30 minutes, just to make sure that there is some type of power inside. The next step is to hold on to the power button for around 5-30 seconds and trying to see if that solution worked.

Nintendo Switch power button
Power Button

Method 2 To Fix Your Nintendo Switch Won’t Turn On

If this solution did not work, just like an Android phone try holding the power button and the volume down button for around fifteen or thirty seconds and see if that solution works. 

power button and the volume down button
Press Power+Volume Down

Method 3 To Fix Your Nintendo Switch Won’t Turn On

If it does not work, try holding the volume up button and the power button for 15 to 30 seconds as well and trying to see if those solutions work because there is a good chance that could fix the problem like on most phones.

power button and the volume up button
Press Power+Volume UP

Method 4 To Fix Your Nintendo Switch Won’t Turn On

Another solution that you could try doing just like on iPhone, it’s holding on the button here so once your little switch has not been charged most likely the jury cons are going to be charged as well so that is why I told you to charge internal switch in the first place, just to make sure that the switch has some type of power.

So just like on the iPhone, pull down the power button and hold on to the home button for around fifteen to thirty seconds. Try holding both of them at the same time for that amount of time and see if that works or not.

Now the home button and the power button do not work, another way you can try is to hold on to the power button for around fifteen seconds, once you hold it for 15 seconds, you let it go and press it again, repeat this step for two more times and keep on holding it for fifteen or more seconds and eventually the screen should be able to turn on by that, so all you have to do is hold it for fifteen seconds or more and eventually that should be able to fix your screen or that should be able to fix your Nintendo switch and it should Turn On.

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How to replace a charge port for your Nintendo switch?

There is more than one reason why your switch might not be turning on, it could have a discharged battery, there could be something wrong on the motherboard or the charge port could be bad or even your charge cable could be bad, those are just a few of the things that can cause it.

If your Nintendo’s charge port is faulty, you will see some of the little copper pins are all bent up inside, and that make it’s faulty, so when you plug your cable in, connections are not made with the charging cable and therefore it can’t transfer power into the switch so the only way to fix that is to physically remove the charge port and put another charging port on.

charging Port

Now you have to keep in mind this does require soldering skills and it does require a hot-air soldering station so if you do not have those skills or the tools, you can always send it to some of your local repair shops.

The first thing you have to do is take the back case off and to do that you must remove the screws. You should start with removing two screws down there and then go around the rest of the case and remove screws and then the back case is held on by a different kind of screw, it is kind of like a y-shaped.

Now you will have your motherboard removed, you can get your charge port replaced. You have to use some hot air to remove this and you are also going to use hot air to put the new one on.

Use a hot-air soldering tool to remove this port then you will solder on the new charge port. You can see that the charge port will have all those pins; they will need to be soldered to the correct pins on the other side of the motherboard.

So, you are going to add a little bit of flux on each of these little connection points around the charging port, the flux is there to help the solder flow nicely, and that will help you to get that off quickly. Now just come down there with a little bit of heat not too much heat, as that will cause the motherboard to bubble up but enough heat to melt the solder and remove the port. 

You should pay special attention to the back because you should make sure that those connections on the back come off cleanly and you will have your old ort removed. Now get all the extra plastic pieces off. The next thing you have to do is flip the motherboard over and you need to make sure that each of those has lots of solder on it or enough solder on it.

Now flip the back cover and install the new charge port onto the motherboard. Now hold your new charge port with your tweezers and heat the motherboard back up so you can put the new charge port in, make sure you pay attention to the back of the charge port area because you need to make sure the solder on those pins is melted very well so it will stick to the new charge port when you put it in.

If you observe the solder is shiny which means it is melted and ready to go in with your new charge port.  Now you have to flip it over and check the solder joints and make sure they are nice and tight.

One thing to keep in mind with these charge ports is there are two layers, one layer back here and then there is one layer on the front, that is why you can’t change these with just a soldering iron and you need to use a hot-air station to change these because there is no way to get a soldering iron back here to solder all the pins on that are back here.  Now get your motherboard installed back on the switch and then test it out.

Now plug in your charge port and then you probably have to wait just a little bit because this console is completely dead, so you have to wait a few minutes before it will come up on the screen. You will see up in the corner it will have the charge light and the battery indicator showing it is red, so it just needs to charge up for a little bit and then the screen will turn on and you can use it.

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Try all these methods to fix your Nintendo switch, try having your Nintendo switch connected to the charger. Again for the second time while the Nintendo Switch is charging because there is a good chance that this option could also possibly work as well. If these all methods do not help, try contacting experts and professionals to fix your Nintendo switch.

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