How To Fix Play Station 4 controller not charging?

If you are having some trouble charging your ps4 controller for example if you plug it into the USB and it would always be saying it was disconnected or nothing is getting charged, so there are a couple of ways that you can try to fix this problem.

Method 1 To Fix Play Station 4 controller not charging

 If check the backside of the ps4 controller, you will see a reset button right under that L2 button, click that reset button and it is going to reset the ps4 controller.

ps4 controller reset button
Reset Button

Go to settings, then from settings go-to devices, go to controllers, go-to communication method, your default communication method will be “use Bluetooth” when the ps4 is connected and what is happening here is it’s reading Bluetooth, it’s expected to be charged wirelessly as ps4 has a wireless charging component to it that does not come standard with the ps4,

Therefore the device is looking to read from that wireless component to charge from that wireless component and not the USB which is why it is having problems in charging the ps4 controller. It could also be an update issue or software issue but regardless the way to fix this problem is simply select “use USB cable” then you will be able to charge it correctly.

  • Reset button in the back 
  • Go to settings
  • Devices controllers
  • Communication method
  • Use USB cable

Method 2 To Fix Play Station 4 controller not charging

 First, remove the four screws on the back with a small screwdriver. Next, you are going to want to get something thin and flat and pry open the controller. But be very careful doing this if you use a screwdriver. You are going to want to be very careful taking the back off because you don’t want these triggers to pop off. The next thing I recommend doing is pay attention to how that ribbon cable is placed, maybe take a snapshot so you can put it back correctly later.

ribbon cable ps4

Next, you are going to want to remove this white piece, and then this piece folds down. A flat white piece comes out of there. And you are going to unscrew the two screws. Next, you are going to take out the circuit board with a USB port. You are going to order the model number you see on the circuit board, for example, JDS- 011.

jds 011

Now you are going to do everything you just did in reverse. So, let’s start with putting parts back in the controller. Open the part and put your ribbon carefully and close it. Then you are going to put the screws back in, then put the little white piece in there and close that.

Then put a tab in first, then you are going to put the spring of trigger in there.  You are going to line this spring up with the slot. And then push the trigger in. Now put that ribbon cable back in, be very careful putting it in, don’t mess up the contacts. And then go ahead, and put the case over the triggers, might have to wiggle it around a little to get it in there. 

Then you are going to put the screws back into the controller. Plugin and check. And remember if your controller is not charging, the problem could also be probably a bad USB cord or the port on your controller.

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Method 3 To Fix Play Station 4 controller not charging

 The first thing you have to check out is the insight or PlayStation 4 controller so what to check out if everything is clean and if it’s not damaged so if that is okay, then the next step is to check out your ports on the Play Station.

So you have to check out the ports on Play Station because if there is anything damaged in that is maybe the reason why it doesn’t work. If it doesn’t work for example if you used to fit your HDMI here in any one port, now just try to put it in another port. 

front charging port of ps4 controller
the front charging port of ps4 controller

If that is not the problem, you checked it is clean and it is not damaged at all then the next step is to check your USB cable because if the problem is not nor PS4 neither PS4 controller then it is maybe the USB cable itself. Grab a mother HDMI cable and split it in, so you don’t need to use your Play Station 4 to charge up your controllers, you can also try to charge it up with a phone charger and you can just plug in your HDMI USB cable and straight with that or you can just grab another charger for example from your Samsung charger, it also charges with that.  

If you do not have an android charger, you can also use an apple charger. Now plug in your android charger and then connect it to the Play Station 4 cable and you will see a yellow light, it means it is working and it is charging up.

Method 4 To Fix Play Station 4 controller not charging

Press a certain amount of rodents. If you have another controller you are good to go. Go to your Play Station 4 screen, go to settings, go down to the prices, go to Bluetooth devices and then go back to the controller which is not working, hold the share button first and then hold the Play Station home button and hold it till you would see a white slide flickering, that means your controller is looking for the other device and you can go and try to connect to your door shock.

All you need to do is connect your controller with the Play Station 4 and if you are not sure if the Play Station 4 USB cable is broken that you got for your Play Station 4 when you bought it, you can use another cable, it also works on for example to Android one so it doesn’t matter. If you want to connect your Play Station with your controller try that.

usb cable
USB cable

If none of these works you need to use a tool to open this up as mentioned in the other method.

Method 5 To Fix Play Station 4 controller not charging

If your PS4 controller is not charging or not connecting to your PS4 console you try these ways to fix a PS4 controller that does not charge or connect and Hopefully you will save a few bucks instead of buying a new controller.

a) Clean the charging port, over time the charging port of the PS4 controller may get dirty and have grease stuck inside. Take some canned air and clean out the charging port. If you do not have canned air lying around just blow into the port and see if that helps.

b) Replace the charging cable, the micro USB cable you use to charge your PS4 controller may get damaged or fray over time. Find another micro USB cable and try to see if that works.

c) Reset the ps4 controller, using a paper clip, toothpick, or small thin object. Press and hold the reset button located on the backside of the controller, hold it down for 5 seconds to ensure it has been reset. Now connect your controller to your PS4 console using a micro USB cable and try turning it on.

d) Power cycle console:

– Plug in a micro USB cable into your PS4 controller and the other into the PS4 console.

– Ensure your PS4 is powered ON.

– Now unplug the power cord from the back of the PS4 console and wait 10 seconds.

– Reseat the power cable and wait for the PS4 to turn back ON and try connecting the controller to the PS4.

e) Damage micro USB port, in case the micro USB port has been damaged on your controller, you can purchase a PS4 controller charging unit. This device charges the controller through the connector on the bottom of the controller instead of the commonly used upper connector.

f) Repair or purchase a new controller

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If the previous steps in this video did not help you have the option of repairing the charging port of the controller. If you are not comfortable opening up the controller or simply too lazy, you will need to purchase a new controller.

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