How Can You Connect Air Pods to PS4?

In this article, we are going to discuss how can you connect apple air pods to PS4 console. The methods mentioned below will work for any type of air pods that you have, it does not matter if it is the first edition air pod or second addition air pods, the same goes along with the PlayStation console as you can do this on the older model Play Station as well.

Method 1:- How Can You Connect Air Pods to PS4?

To connect these things is easy. The first thing you have to do is Turn On Play Station 4, once you turn on your Play Station 4, now make sure that you are on your home screen

ps4 home screen
Ps4 home screen

Press D-pad and then go to settings. Now look for the tab that says devices because where you have to go to connect all of your devices to your Play Station 4 console.

Now go down and you would notice that it says devices right here, now go ahead and click X on devices. Now go to the blue screen, go to Bluetooth devices. Once you get in Bluetooth devices you would notice that your controller is already set up which is for example Dual Shock 4 but notice how they don’t let you scroll down or anything right here.

Now to connect your air pods to your play station are leave your air pods inside the case, now turn the back of the case and on the back of the case, there will be a button at the back of your Air pods case. Now open the case, hold down on that button and you will notice the light starts blinking, which means it is searching for something to connect.

airpods blinking

 Now go down in your play station and find “My New Numbers Air Pods Pro” basically your AirPods names so click on that, now choose “Device Name: My new number’s AirPods pro”.  If it does not let you connect or show “Play Station does not support the Air Pods”, so there is an adapter that you have to purchase for this to connect to your Bluetooth, it is an adapter that allows you to connect your air pods to your Play Station.

Method 2:- How Can You Connect Air Pods to PS4?

This method does require you to buy a Bluetooth dongle, all you have to do is connect the Bluetooth dongle to your Play Station 4 and go through the Bluetooth settings as before and connect your air pods to the device and that’s it. Make sure your Bluetooth dongle is Turn ON, so as long as you have that plugged in and you set it and that is all you have to do.

bluetooth dongle
Bluetooth Dongle

Method 3:- How Can You Connect Air Pods to PS4?

This method requires you to download a Sony F to your iPhone, which is the Play Station 4 remote play, now this works on iPhone. All you have to do is go into your App Store, open up and type in “PS4 Remote Play”. Now download the app, connect your specific Play Station 4 to your iPhone by making sure that they are on the same Wi-Fi signals.

remote play
remote play

 This app does a good job at displaying and highlighting everything you have through and all that type of information. If you do not know what this app is, it allows you basically to sit at your bed, go away from your Play Station 4, and still play the game on your iPhone or IPad as long as they are connected to the same Wi-Fi signal. 

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ps4 on ipad

You can connect your Air Pods to your iPhone and as long as your remote playing on to your iPhone itself, it will still be able to play your Play Station 4 on the screen and even on the iPhone if you want to but you can listen to the Play Station 4 through the Air Pods which is cool, so you have that capability of doing that on here without having to go the Play Station 4 itself and I would highly recommend you to connect your Play Station controller to the iPhone itself and once you do that you can go and play the Play Station 4 game on your iPhone or your screen by listening to everything through your Air Pods, so that is the process.

Method 4:- How Can You Connect Air Pods to PS4?

 Play Station does not support Air Pods, so you cannot them directly but this way you can fix the problem, to complete this, you need your shockwave controller, Air Pods and IPad or iPhone, any iOS device.

ps4 controller

The first step is going to be connecting your Play Station 4 controller to your iPhone and to do this, you will need iOS 13, so if you don’t have that already go ahead and download.

 Once you have iOS 13 downloaded, go to settings Bluetooth and make sure that your Bluetooth is Tuen ON and now take your controller and hold the PlayStation button right here and the share button, you have to hold them for five seconds until there is a blue whitish light that starts flashing then after that you will see it comes up in other devices so go ahead and press that as you can see they are connected. 

You also observe that there is this peach color light that is your controller gets when it connects to your iPhone. So after this go in the App Store and type “PS4 remote play” and download that. Again we will not be playing the game on our phone, this will be connected to the TV. Once it is downloaded, open up the app, press start, it will ask you to sign in to your Play Station account. You have to do 2-step verification so go ahead and do it.

Now press the home button, go back to settings and press the button on the Air Pods cover’s back until there is a flashing light, now give it a little time till it shows they are connected and go back to the Play Station 4 remote app and press start. Another reminder you will be connecting your controller and your Air Pods will be connected to the TV or monitor. It is registering your iPhone to the Play Station then just go to start connecting. Sometimes when the Wi-Fi connection is not good, it won’t connect. Make sure that the mute button that you press in, unmute it, or else you won’t be able to use your Air Pods.

Method 5:- How Can You Connect Air Pods to PS4?

The first you have to do is go into the top right corner and click your settings, now go down to the tab of devices when you see that there is going to be Bluetooth devices that pop up once you see that Bluetooth device, this is a time where you open up your Air Pods and hold back the back in this case what you can see already and it will start flashing white, so that is why it is connected so once you see this radio icon on right there that means it is automatically connected. The next thing you have to do is go to a party to test if you can hear the mic. Now take out your Air Pods and you can put them straight up to your ears, now head into the party and test this out. 

All you have to do is go into devices, then go into Bluetooth, this will not work for the old model of Play Station 4, it will only work for the slim and the Play Station 4 Pro.

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You can try all these methods to connect your Air Pods to Play Station 4, in some methods it requires buying some extra devices, for example, Bluetooth dongle, adaptor, etc. While other methods are completely free. Make sure you have a strong internet connection.

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