15 Best Zombie Games PS4 You Should Play

We have all daydreamed about how we would get on in a walking dead scenario with Russians running low tensions running high and biters staying mighty, thanks to the best zombie games ps4, we can see just how long we would last without having to go down The whole route of the true apocalypse, knowing that most of the stress in your life is water.

We doubt others who know it’s a real monster that everyone knows, but in reality, two of the most influential games to date are both zombies, Survive both completely different visions if you want to fight a way of life in an insane and unspoken world. Remember that the Best zombie games ps4 are listed below.

1. The Infected 

It is maybe the least popular game listed here, the infected does not exactly help itself with its generic name that immediately calls 28 days later to mind in fact the infected is as interesting as spin as Danny Boyle’s classic was back in the day as you are actually taking on vampy’s vampire and zombie hybrids to you and me and not just zombies. Currently in early access at the time of recording, the infected holds a lot of promise especially considering it is the work of one guy while the crafting could It’s probably more sophisticated, and  AI needs tweaking. The open-world sandbox is at least worth a try if you want to take the ps4 zombie games off the beaten path. However, zombies are a much better name than Bambis.

2. Minecraft

Minecraft, what do you mean, it doesn’t belong here. Minecraft is certainly a zombie game ps4 because there are zombies and you have to survive, but the purists there can ridicule that Minecraft isn’t a shade of gray and the trigger is happy PVP It’s still hard to deny the impact on the wider survival genre, even though it’s a big green block for hours,  you play hardcore and have only one life and one life Your terror factor doubles only when you’re not when it’s gone, you’re done again. 

 Yes, Minecraft doesn’t have the demands of other zombie survival games where food and water are always almost oppressive and need to be tracked, but the great thing about Minecraft is that you can play almost as you like. In a way, this is the most flexible game on this list from an RPG perspective, and I mentioned it even if it clearly lacks a sense of realism, but enslave many people and make them yours. You can remember that you are working for. The Walking Dead can never be this dark.

3. Unturned

As you’ve probably heard of Unturned, the blocky visuals channel Minecraft and have a few junks, but they may be completely overlooked because of their children’s style. Sinking in an RPG, Unturned may be the best zombie game ps4 on this list for you. 

 It’s true that the actual elements of survival are negligible, as modern games seem to focus on PVP, but it doesn’t bother you much when zooming jet skis. They even have pre-Fallout 76 NPCs, and the fact that they run on Potato and are completely free is also harmless.

4. Day Z

Day Z is more or less a seven-day cousin to death, both appearing to be in early access from the dawn of time, but Day Z  really repels PvE and zombie waves and waves for seven days. About that. The thrill of 

 DayZ really lies in the human interactions that have taken place in countless games since then, but it’s arguable that one of them has already taken place. Not surprisingly, the games that influenced Rust Rusting aren’t. t allows you to handcuff other players you encounter and basically be sadistic to leave them to the whims. However, if you don’t mind the many issues with DayZ that are really just part of the DNA and the fact that you’re likely to be begging for water during the first few hours of the game, DayZ is a number. It will be the day. It’s full of your time. Note the Day Z console port, just like 7 Days to die. Don’t defend just because it’s bad, not because it’s abandoned.

5. State of Decay 2

It’s very close to the perfect ps4 zombie games and is the best possible vision of trying to live and prosper in the post-apocalyptic community. It’s mainly buggies and buggies, so you won’t get there completely. It’s still a long time, but not all of its ideas are completely stuck, so for those who want to have a fun co-op game with their original collapsed fans and friends, States of Decay 2 can have lots of zombies at the same time. You need to have that much fun with Permadeath that can really hit you when it hurts when it appears on the screen. The state of collapse is the opposite of collapse over time, but I hope the third game will nail everything from the beginning.

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6.  7 Days to die

7 Days to die more like seven-plus years to make, we have fun here, while this massively ambitious blend of tower defense fps RPG sandbox and survival really should be out of early access at this point following a 2013 release there is a reason why it sold over 12 million copies despite its visual shortcomings, Seven days of death is explosive. Similarly, a seven-day death occurs over the course of a week, and every night, an increasingly difficult herd of zombies is brought to the front door or carried out. that is the basic concept fun pimps have made each run highly customizable to how you like more PvP crank the dials to left after a more chill experience disable the blood moons and make zombies relax a bit the bitey bugger easy with you even being able to survive long past the attention of the seven days, this is game that could consume you, be warned though, do not get it’s console versions which have more or less been abandoned following drama with its original publisher. This game is in must-play zombie games ps4.

7. Knight of the Dead 

 The word from the Knight of the Dead, and the most remote and influential zombie movie adaptation ever released, is pure survival against the zombies that appeared in buildings and handicrafts. Traps are very complicated. Distilled in its purest form,  as well as the ability to blush the puzzle. Knight of the dead is a remarkably ambitious yet still straightforward zombie-slaying thrill which is sometimes all you need.

Knight of the dead is in early access at this time of recording so it has a lot of roughness to tidy up and balancing to nail but it is coming along very well indeed. We are very excited to see this fully launched by 2031 based on how most ps4 zombie games get on in development.

8. Scum

Scum, the game is almost more famous for its slider than the actual experience it provides. Scum feels like the hard-core survival fans kind of game, not only do you have to make sure your diet is balanced so that you can stay at maximum fitness but you also have to make sure you are not too heavy when crossing water or else you will drown. 

This kind of realism makes scum a game that really is not for everyone though it is not trying to be. Scum is a very specific game for a very specific kind of player presumably those with a Ph.D. Human metabolism and the actual zombies themselves feel a bit coincidental, but there’s still something special that won’t shake once it grabs you and grabs you. while it is been in early access for perhaps too long at this point following a 2018 release the small team at game pirates are adding new content and Trying a good mechanism fairly regularly before everyone gets hooked on them again at 1.0.This game is in must-play zombie games ps4

9. Project Zomboid 

Project Zomboid is not only the king of ps4 zombie games but also the king of early access, which was part of Steam’s program before the release of PlayStation 4 and Xbox 1. It was previously playable because it was previously available on a lesser-known platform called Desura in 2011. However, while some games get very bad laps because they hang out for a long time in Early Access, zombies are enough games that what you can play now already has so many different options. Because it seems to be one of the most understood patient communities out there, you lose yourself in a zombie apocalypse role-playing game. Reproduced from an isometric view, Project Zomboid recreates classic zombie fiction in video game format to get as close as possible to the deadly nature of combat. The house can burn and become a delicious grill of zombies.

It’s strange to say this given how long the game has been working, but even if the graphics aren’t the best and the development cycle feels incredible, especially given the potential for mods. The Zomboid project feels like it’s just getting started and it’s boring.

10. Miscreated 

The one that was mistakenly created was one of the few Day-z clones that appeared when z actually grew up and stayed long enough to do its own thing. There is no mistake. Miscreated is an acquired taste that isn’t for everyone, but other games on this list that need to improperly create PVP-building features, keep themselves full, and hydrate. As well, there’s always a lot to enjoy here for those who might overlook that habit. However, thanks to a large amount of radiation, even if the game calls mutants, the zombies themselves will be much more than a clumsy ghoul umbrella. You if you offer.This game is in must-play zombie games ps4


11. Evil dead: The game

This was revealed at last year’s game awards and it is developed by saber interactive and published by boss team games. Sabre interactive has been making games for many years of varying degrees sometimes ports sometimes games but this seems like something entirely different from them. From what we know so far this looks to be like more of an arena-based evil dead style game with cooperative PVE stuff and PVP gameplay involving all the characters from the evil dead universe and blasting some creatures.

Apparently, there is going to be a skill tree involved and multiple weapons and gadgets that you can use, not to mention the fact that they have bruce Campbell as ash that is the most important thing but we also see characters from throughout the movies and even ash vs evil dead which is just a welcome surprise. There was a time when we had a lot more evil dead games out there and maybe we took it for granted, still we are very happy to finally get a new one even if it is more of an arena-based multiplayer thing. It could still be a lot of fun, considering the IP it is based on.

12. Project ill 

You have probably seen this one floating around on social media, essentially this is seemingly early in the works, we might see an early access version of it this year. Apparently, it is from a small developer, still seeking funding but essentially it is a really intense, weird, gross, and ambitious first-person zombie shooter. We have got some gameplay and some concept footage that seems like it is indicative of the game and you can immediately see why I said ambitious because the gore and dismemberment stuff they have going on here is really crazy. I am curious to see what else this game is going to do to stand out other than just some cool gore and first-person shooting, it needs more than that but a lot of people have jumped on board and are into the idea so even though we are only looking at tiny glimpses of ideas of the game. We are hoping we see it big in 2021.

13. A way to be dead

This one on the list seems like one of the games that still looks a little rough but the idea is pretty cool. It is an asymmetrical multiplayer game with deep horror elements and essentially takes place in a zombie-infected hospital and you play as either one crazy infected doctor, multiple patients, and even maybe turn into zombies themselves that is what the game seems to be implying and that seems like it could be the best element just from some of the early glimpses we have seen with some of the animations and some of the gore but I would say more than anything with this game even though the four vs one horror ideas we have seen before and we have even seen playing as the creatures before the atmospheric effects they have going on this game seem pretty cool, reminds me of the old days of resident evil and silent hill.

Apparently, it is going to be extremely limited you can only carry and use one item at a time to make things more stressful but there is going to be some sort of progression with updating your abilities in-game. This is going to be environmental interactions that might help with certain things and you are able to customize a bunch of differential variations for the maps which seems like it could be fun for some experimentation. I would say definitely this a game for people who are into dead by daylight, it is from a small developer but we think we are going to see it in 2021. 

We just wanted to put something on this list and in front of your eyes that maybe you would not have stumbled across otherwise.

14. Synced off-planet

Despite the generic-sounding name, this seems like a cool enough concept. If not a little bit derivative, essentially it is PVE and PVP where you are fighting in a post-apocalyptic world for resources against other people while also trying to escort some survivors to safety. There is loot, there is crafting, there are survival elements, and lots of other players to worry about but also the PVE elements hordes and hordes of zombies and cool creatures, I mean technically in this game they are not really zombies, they are like people that have been taken over by meddling with nanotechnology. If you look at it at face value it seems like zombies so we are counting it, especially because it seems like an interesting fun third-person shooter, now it is worth mentioning that it is being published by games giant 10 cents, maybe this is their answer to something like division they want to crack into the PVE PVP market, the does look pretty with ray tracing and a bunch of Nvidia support and we are expecting to see it in some form in 2021.This game is in must-play zombie games ps4

15. After the fall

This is a new game by the developers behind Arizona sunshine and essentially it looks like they are taking VR zombie blasting to the net level, we see a lot of chaotic cool action, we see some kind of over-the-top wild weapons including a wrist-mounted launcher. It is multiplayer-focused and takes place in Los Angeles 20 years after the apocalypse but with a cool ice theme and generally just an art style that to me kind of reminds me of borderlands a little bit just considering that Arizona sunshine was one the cooler zombie shooters made for VR that just really made a big splash.

We are really excited to see what the developer publisher vertigo games can do with a bigger budget, more eyes on them, and more ideas.

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You now have a list of the best zombie games you can play on your PlayStation 4 right now. You can play these games with your friends or on your own. These games will definitely inspire your adrenaline and give you a lot of excitement. Therefore, add these amazing games to your PlayStation 4 list. In my opinion, you should try all these Zombie Games PS4

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