Best Way Of How To Clean Ps4

Does your play station sound like to is about to take off, when you are playing your play station and your game starts going to a loading screen or a part of the gaming sequence that requires a little bit more from Play station, does it sound like the neighbor down the street starting a lawnmower ready to cut the grass?

If so then here are a few things you can follow to clean your Play Station 4, so you can alleviate that loud rumble noise so it does not sound like your Play station came from American airlines.

STEP 1 of how to clean ps4

If your play station needs cleaning or if it is really loud, chances are if it is really loud it is causing the Play station to work harder and the fan to work harder and so that is why it is a lot louder.

This is assembly to clean it, most notably is how to take off the bottom cover but for the most part, it is relatively the same and especially cleaning, the cleaning part itself is not hard, you do not have to be tech-savvy, you are not disconnecting any wires or anything like that, you just need to have a Torx attachment of Philips and few other tools.

STEP 2 of how to clean ps4

For this, you need a Swiffer brush, a tool kit, an Exacto knife, a toothbrush, some canned air, and your play station 4. Your play station probably looks like it has not been touched for a long time, accumulated quite a bit of dust.

First, you need to slide the cover off, it simply just slides over and it pops right off so taking the first glance at this, you might see a lot of dust accumulated and this is where your hard drive is and as you can see years and years of caked-on dust, so now go ahead and get your Swiffer brush and just give it a good wipe down to at least start grabbing some of the bigger chunks, we can know this is going to be a mess from the beginning but none the less damage control. 

STEP 3 of how to clean ps4

Use a toothbrush for hard-to-reach spots like all those little slits in there and those hard-to-reach spots like the USB ports but what’s really cool is the canned air comes in pretty handy so you will find that these tools are a lifesaver and you will also find that you have a lot of dirt in places that you never even imagined. So just give your Play Station 4 a good dusting with the canned air and get those really hard-to-reach spots.

STEP 4 of how to clean ps4

All right and then looking at the back you can see already how bad this is, it looks like a sandblaster and so when you do this you do the same things as you did before and it does not have to be in the same order but relatively you still won’t use canned air as you do not want to break apart or loose stuff, you want to grab your Swiffer brush or even a microfiber towel or even just some random washcloths or an old t-shirt, just to wipe things down and then blow away any residual debris, now it will look good ten times better than what it was before.

So right here there is this big screw that you are going to take out and that will give you access to your hard drive so simply remove that screw and the hard drive pops right out, go ahead and give it a once-over everything should look good but like everything you are going to dust this thing and knock all of it residual dust that is in there out there.

STEP 5 of how to clean ps4

All right and blow some dust inside of the hard drive bay to do the same thing knock anything loose and back here, there are two stickers so what you are going to do is remove these Torx screws, take out one sticker off and you are going to need a Torx 9 attachment so simply just grab that attachment and screw that and on the top here there is going to be two screws, one in the center and there is going to be one at the bottom, once those are removed simply pop the top case off lifting from the front and working away towards the back and basically unhooking it and yes the same thing on the inside it is just as dirty, same thing on the inside caked with years of dust.

STEP 6 of how to clean ps4

So grab the Swiffer and wipe it down and naturally use some canned air to knock this stuff loose and give the same treatment to the top cover as you did on that small cover for the left side and use a toothbrush to knock anything else away and one thing about this, with this much dust and this much dirt, not only does your Play Station 4 run loud but you also run the risk having it overheat and damage your system permanently.


STEP 7 of how to clean ps4

Alright so take off that last screw and get a spudger, so a spudger is going to be used to separate the bottom case from the rest of the system so it is really hard to do and you are going to need to use some pressure and this is the part that differentiates this model from the previous models or most models, so this seam right here is where you want to try to fit that spudger in and basically, you are just going to pry.

STEP 8 of how to clean ps4

Alright snap it in and then just force it right down into the nub or whatever you have guitar picks are good to use too, however, they may snap and you will have a guitar pick rattling around inside of your Play Station 4 if you cannot get this undone. Alright, notice the top of the lip has risen slightly above the cover so you just want to gently work your way along but at the same time use enough force, you are not going to break anything, it is just held in by a bunch of clips and it is fun.

STEP 9 of how to clean ps4

Now simply take something and slit and slide it inside one of those holes in the back of the case, to keep it from resetting and replanting it because you might have it closed and you had to redo this, so go to the other side and simply do the same things, just pry it all apart until it snaps open and lay it down and the bottom cover should come off just fine, alright go ahead and let the cover off and you can see the Play Station and you can see all the dust inside and this is about as bad as it gets like there are clumps of dust along with just what looks like a spray of dust and again that is taking years to accumulate.

So give the cover the same treatment as you have given the other ones, wipe it down scrub with the toothbrush, use some canned air, whatever else you feel like you need to do to really get that stuff taken off.

STEP 10 of how to clean ps4

Now go ahead and take your Swiffer brush and just run along the inside to once again grab any of the stray clumps or any of the big stuff, it is helped assist in your cleaning. Alright now we are going to focus on this power bay so there is two Philips with that metal bracket and three Torx head screws, so the one on the left for the Torx, one on the right, and one in the middle. Take those out and set those to the side now all that is left are the Philips screw for this bracket so these Philips screws are pretty long, you do not have to worry about them popping out so you unscrew them and then they stayed inside the bracket and you simply just lift the bracket out, right here you have a power supply with a cable, you did not pull off the wire and you do not have to do so either.

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STEP 11 of how to clean ps4

In fact, all you have to do is just on the left side, grab on the upper portion and on the right side, grab along the side and shimmy it up and try to lift it out straightway so that way you do not do any damage to the prongs that mount to the system and so right here you actually lay the power bank on top of the Play Station 4 itself and grab a Swiffer and get more on the internals like everything else and you wipe down the power bank as well, you want to get dust from everywhere and of course, grab your canned air and show it some TLC to knock any of that stuff loose.

Now these slots you want to really focus on those because that is a high point of accumulation for dust and that is where a lot of the heat generates, look at all these components inside here, you do not want to get that caked up with dust and that can potentially cause your system to fail.

STEP 12 of how to clean ps4

(how to clean ps4 fans) Now here for the fan, you want to be careful with, you would like to control the movement you do not want to keep it stopped completely because you want to make sure you get everything but you do not want to destroy your fan by having a lot of air to just force it. Now for this power bank when you place it back inside place it down in the same way completely vertical and it should snap it in place.

Now take the bracket, place it back down and place those long Philips screws back in, screw them back into place, take those three Torx screws one on the bottom center, one in the top left, and one in the top right, put that to your spine head attachment and screw them back in.

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STEP 13 of how to clean ps4

Now place on your bottom cover, hook it in from the front opposite from the power bank and simply just snap it down into place Alright, now you are going to take your hard drive and place it back inside of the console and once that is done you are going to grab that little screw and place it back inside, now you are going to place the top cover on, go on the right side and you are going to place it in from straightaway from the back and clamping down leading towards the front, it is a little stiff but it will go on just fine.

Once that is done take those two Torx head screws and replace them one in the center and one in front and finally take that left cover and simply just slide it back into place the same way you removed it when you started this disassembly, all that should be left is that slit in the center for that clear piece of plastic with light shines through.

Now on the back, you are going to go ahead and replace those two Torx head screws on the top and on the bottom. Once that is done go ahead and take those stickers if you feel so inclined to do so and place them back on and that should be it.


Everything is cleaned, reassembled, looks good, your Play Station is clean, that is all you need to do to clean your Play station 4 so hopefully this serves as a guide for you to clean your Play Station 4. Just be careful while removing and reassembling your Play station, do not rub any part too hard that it breaks. 

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