10 Best Hidden Object Games in 2020

Hidden objects games have risen to popularity because the masses are looking for challenging tasks that no one can master. The puzzle style games deliver satisfaction and players get rewarded for finding the lost gem of the round. Players face the challenge to find a gem in the given environment and the game rewards for your patience.

1. Quiet Place

Quiet Place is a stunning visual game offering hidden objects task to complete, and the players have to find the objects on their own. The game has 100+ objects to be found, and the players can play campaign mode to increase the difficulty bar. The developers added a zooming feature to help the new players identify the objects quickly and efficiently.

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2. Hidden Folks

The developers have spent a lot of time crafting Hidden Folks, and it is a visually appealing game. Entire game developed for stunning miniature landscapes and townsfolk. Players have to search for 25+ different areas thoroughly and find over 250 hidden objects. It is a long journey in finding the objects, so the developers deeply thought about it, and you have three different color modes. You have normal, sepia, and night mode to decrease the eye strain up to 50%.

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3. Home Makeover

The mechanism of Home Makeover makes the game entirely different from the rest. The sell & buy storyline used the game, and it has more homely storyline compared to finding objects games. Home Makeover inviting a grandchild to the grandparents’ home and the game has a house with furniture and messed up the environment. The grandchild has to work with grandparents to put all the things together and start to sell old items for new ones.

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4. Dark Arcana: The Carnival

Dark Arcana has in-depth cark secrets, and you are assigned to unveil all hidden dark truth about the world. The entire game surrounded by a carnival, where the children’s have gone missing after the appearance of the boogey. The alternate carnival world has mysteries and secrets that need to come into light.

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5. Alice in the Mirrors of Albion

Alice in the Wonderland movie inspired the game developers to create “Alice in the Mirror of Albion” for the world. The main character travels from reality to an alternative world of wonders, where mysteries, dangers, and stunning places exist. The player has the task to abolish the reign of the queen of hearts and replace evil with good.

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6. Twisted Lands: Origin

Twisted Lands based on Sherlocks Holmes and Jumanji, where the character is playing the role of a young detective. The detective received a request to find the missing young lady, and she has gone missing in a mysterious island called Torment. The island spread with dangers, and it is a haunted place, so the world has to say about it. The character has to use instincts, clues, and skills to identify the location of the missing lady and get rid of the creatures threatening to kill her. The Twisted Lands is offering visually stunning experience with the crafted storyline.

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7. CSI: Hidden Crimes

CSI is a popular series aired on American channels and CSI Hidden Games based on it. The game is not directly linked to any edition of the show, but the concept remains the same. Gamers have to analyze the clues and interrogate suspects to find the culprit. The main character can select a team and start an investigation right away. CSI TV show fans would love to play this game because it has the same concept and overall graphics.

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8. The Secret Society

As the name suggests “The Secret Society” is a community of people that blessed with special powers to travel between our world and the magical world. The concept of the game related to the missing uncle of the main character, who is looking for him. The lead character has plenty of time to look for hidden objects and clues to find the missing relative in 70 different locations. The journey is not a small one as it has 5000+ quests.

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9. Enigmatis

Enigmatis is an exciting game, where the main character faces a dilemma of amnesia. The small town haunted by the ghosts and the jumbled or missing memories makes it difficult the survival. The leading character has the responsibility to put it all together to save him, along with a little girl. The haunted town has hidden piece of objects and puzzles that can help recover missing memories and get a better picture of what you are dealing with in the game.

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10. Hidden City: Hidden Object Adventure

Hidden City is a visually appealing game offering adventure tasks to find goodies, treasure, and hidden objects. The entire concept surrounded by the missing friend, who took a long journey to Hidden City. The fog developed an entire city, and it did not leave him alone until he went missing. The main character put a quest in the To-Do list to find the missing friend and get him back to the living world. You have to visit the Hidden City to find all clues and objects to take one-step close to achieving the goals.

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BONUS: June’s Journey

June’s Journey is another game that rated highly on Google Play and another app market. The visually stunning looking game offers a similar concept to HOA, and the main character goes back to 1920s America to look for the missing niece. Player has to find the hidden objects, solve tricky puzzles and look for clues to find the missing person.

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I have listed some of the highest-rated Hidden Objects Games available on Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store. Let us know what do you think about Hidden Objects Games in the comment section below.

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