With the astronomical popularity of GTA 5, it’s easy to forget how great an achievement it is. The rock star’s California-inspired location is truly inspired by the real Los Angeles and its surroundings in GTA 5, the city of Los Santos feels lively. There are as many levels in the  GTA 5 world as wealthy people live in the Rockford Hills in downtown Los Santos, where abject poverty and a population of homeless life, the dockworkers who haul cargo along the coast, their partner. With Vespucci Beach Trailer Parks walk and the desert sun as wild animals roam Mount Child Every pedestrian, every car, every animal moves through this space like their real whereabouts, never before and very few times since then has the illusion that reality retreats.

 All of this is available for you to explore as one of three playable characters in the game, each of whom is familiar with very different areas of the map. Michael, Trevor, and Franklin have a history with friends and enemies of this city within its borders, stories that keep you immersed in this world.

 The best way to demonstrate this is to exchange the camera hovering over the city between them before approaching their new protagonist, who has always been in the middle of some activity relevant to his personality. You live here and in the end, you also think it was originally released on Playstation 3, but that doesn’t stop GTA 5 from still being one of the most impressive open-world games to date.


 Well, Odyssey is basically the same game in Greece instead of  Egypt. What may be missing from the original game is that it more than makes up for a remarkable open-world design. We reintroduced the popular marine system in previous posts and sail with your custom crew under the Mediterranean sun as you travel on your next adventure. If the origin was an excursion, Odyssey feels like a vacation where vast deserts are replaced by golden beaches and picturesque mountain landscapes. Like Origin, Odessey is packed with activities, places to discover, and missions to complete.

 It’s too big, but there’s no denying how impressive it really is. Ubisoft spent two entire generations perfecting the art of the open world. With Odessey, they got closer than ever, and since then.


With the release of Assassin’s Creed Origins, Ubisoft decided it was time to turn things around, having released Assassin’s Creed every year since 2009, the company put the 2016 series on hiatus and returned to the origins of Assassin’s Creed. until 2017.

 It has impressive open worlds that are a beautiful recreation of ancient Egypt, which is one of the best places in the history of the Assassins belief, from its intrinsic cities detailed to explore its vast desert landscape. It is a huge, luxurious, and full of activities environment. There are countless locations to discover, unforgettable side quests to complete, and dynamic encounters with roving mercenaries to overcome. The Origin world feels alive in a way that no other Assassin’s Creed game has before. It doesn’t matter if you traverse the golden sands on the back of a camel or view a glittering city from above with the help of your faithful eagle companion.


It is one of the best action RPGs on PS4. It is also home to one of the best open worlds. Golden forests lie next to burning villages. Fields of flowers line mist-covered swamps. A ruined path leads to an immaculate sanctuary perched on top of a mountain. Ghost of Tsushima is just beautiful.

 The use of light and color creates a world that asks you to pause and take in everything so often that you’ll find yourself entering the game’s Photo mode a little more often than you’d like to admit. Better yet,

 Tsushima Island is navigated in an unconventional way without a minimap. The protagonist Jin Sakai has to use the wind to carry him to his next destination.

 The whole world turns and bends in the wind to guide you to your next destination.

 Additionally, clouds of smoke and tiny birds divert you from the heavily traveled trail, revealing side quests and other optional activities. It is an island teeming with wildlife, a wandering band of enemies and villagers seeking refuge. Tsushima may be at war, but amid the devastation, there are limitless moments of beauty to enjoy along the way. A breathtaking sight.


The second Fallout game developed by the Elder Scrolls developers is Bethesda Game Studios. Fallout 4’s post-apocalyptic representation of an unexplored emotion. Frozen in an underground vault for 200 years, players emerge to find the surface that was ravaged by a devastating nuclear war that destroyed most of the United States. While this isn’t your everyday depiction of a post-nuclear Armageddon, Fallout’s greatest strength lies in its alternate reality, which combines 1950s iconography with retro-futuristic technology. Exploring the ruins of what was once Boston is a pleasure in itself, but it’s a satirical representation of capitalism and 1950s American creates a unique open world that feels different.

 There are so many places to explore here, from a cobbled town built inside a ballpark to an 18th-century galleon that dropped bombs before covertly conducting twisted experiments on its sheltering population to uncover and uncover the twisted secrets they hold is one of the objectives of the game. best features. You can even build your own settlements and leave your personal mark in this barren, open world.

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Cyberpunk 2077 may be the only game people think of when they hear the name CD-Projekt in red, but you can colorize that its Play Station 4 debut is one of the best games on the console. Its missions, its characters, and even its open-world are mature.

 The islands of sales feel inhabited, they are full of poverty, hunger, and disease. There is beauty here too, a sunset reflected on the surface of a gently flowing river, a lush forest swaying in the morning breeze, a bustling port full of laughter and life. It is a world as complex as the central narrative of the game.

 A place that is as focused on the good as the bad, and right in the middle is you, a character imbued with ready-made laws. Someone who truly feels part of this world and doesn’t just come across a monster when Geralt de Riviera is killed. Witcher for Hire You exist in Witcher 3. You live, love, and work even within the confines of its scattered islands, although there is much to do today. The game’s map screen is filled with map markers like any modern Ubisoft title, it never feels like unnecessary filler, everything has context, everything has a purpose, and the world itself is woven into these additional stories that are out of the ordinary. the ordinary is a remarkable achievement, an open world that is rich and rewarding, beautiful and cool. It’s one of the best ever to deserve such a high spot on our list.


With the release of Horizon Zero Dawn, the kill zone developer guerilla games have accomplished the impossible. Perhaps the most unique setting on this entire horizon takes place in a post-apocalyptic world where modern society has been wiped out by herds of animal-like machines. , trading the desolate, irradiated wastelands often associated with the post-apocalypse for a lush and lively environment, a world ruled by nature as well as the monstrous.

 robots are hiding everywhere. It is a densely populated and varied landscape that transports the player from snowy peaks to desert valleys, lush forests, and ancient cities in ruins with technology against them. Human settlements consist of numerous log cabins, fireplaces, and other primitive amenities. The contrast between massive sci-fi opponents and a society of people caught up in the hunter-gatherer phase of civilization results in a truly intoxicating place that is unlike anything else on the platform.


The rock star Wild West epic delivered its largest open world, but like most of the games on this list, Red Dead’s border town feels as real as the game’s narrative is based on classic Western fiction. . His fascinating portrayal of the last days of the cowboys and their way of life is deeply rooted in true history. It spans several states on the west coast of the United States.

 Morgan, you don’t belong here anymore, but not the video game definition of this concept where you’re kind of an overwhelming player-created avatar, you’re a dying race in the only place you’ll ever be home and game He often reminds you of the fact throughout your time with him.

 The world is big and harsh, it is populated with bad people who do bad things and you should know it because you are one of them. From an ecological standpoint, it’s an astonishingly astronomical technical marvel that still seems revolutionary a whole generation of consoles later. The rock star created one of the most detailed open worlds ever created. His handcrafted declaration of love for American nature, beautiful but terrifying animals roam the trees, travelers slowly roam gloomy wagons, and drunken cowboys fistfight in sick one-horse towns. It’s amazing that the entire game is intentionally slow and methodical, and that the journey takes a long time as you explore the open west. It is brutal, interrupted, and explosive action that cuts through the calm of the valleys and mountain ranges of the game.


 The northernmost provenance of Tam Riel may seem a bit pricey in 2021 compared to the locations found in some of the more recent posts on this list, but the icy peaks and vast plains at the edge of the sky retain a certain charm that it can hardly be beaten.

 It lacks some of the color and vibrancy found in other entries in this series, but the palette of autumnal oranges, winter whites, and solemn grays gives it a very specific look that is instantly recognizable, cruel, and courageous but also silent. quiet and yet exploring the sprawling Sky Rim map feels like a royal journey on the road to the next larger city that is easily overlooked.


Death Stranding is another open-world game that takes place in a post-apocalyptic representation of the United States, but Death Stranding is not as bleak as radioactive fallout or lush and alive as the horizon. It’s cold, but beautiful, calm, and lonely, and it definitely is. Playing as Sam Porter joins some kind of sci-fi delivery man.

 Most of the time in Death Stranding is spent navigating the vast open world, all alone. Slowly conquer its natural peaks and valleys as you try to transport objects to human settlements deep underground. This is not your traditional open letter. There are not thousands of symbols that you can mark individually. No enemies come for free or stereotypical fillers that get in your way. There are hardly any other people roaming this world, no animals, no signs of life, instead, you spend most of your time stranded with death, on solitary excursions through this landscape.

 The environment is very much your enemy is the time of the games that roam the opponents. The toughest enemies you will face on your adventure. Although the landscape also works as a canvas for social interaction with other players. You can create shortcuts that will make the game easier for those who play online, and you can also take advantage of building other players to help you on your journey. It is a friend and an enemy. It is still beautiful, deadly. It is one of the best on PlayStation.

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These were some of the best open-world games for Play Station 4 that you can try and play

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