10 Best Minecraft 1.18 Jungle Seeds You Should Try

Minecraft 1.18, released in early December, is the one we’re referring to. In the end, it was the most significant change in terrain generation.

As a result, we’ve decided to compile a list of the best Minecraft 1.18 jungle seeds just for you. To get a taste of the exciting new features in Minecraft 1.18, our staff has already compiled a list of the best cave seeds and best mountain seeds. There are a lot of trees in the area if you’ve tried them.

The process of obtaining wood in Minecraft has been greatly simplified. In the case of jungle biomes, this isn’t quite true. Therefore we have collected the best Minecraft jungle seeds with features you won’t believe exist, keeping in mind how rare they are. So, without further ado, let’s get started.

Best Minecraft 1.18 Jungle Seeds for

Every seed on this list is compatible with both the Java and Bedrock versions of Minecraft. Both may or may not have structures such as temples. This is why we’ve included precise GPS coordinates for all of the book’s major landmarks in both editions. Check out the seeds in the table below if there are any that catch your eye.

Minecraft 1.18 Jungle Seeds: Lush Caves

minecraft jungle seed lush caves

One of the world’s most renowned biomes is the lush cave. For the most part, you’ll be able to find them all by using our best lush caves seeds. They don’t, however, have a secret, lush cave hidden in the middle of the jungle. Moreover, it’s one of the largest and most lush caves you’ll find in the wild, in general. In spite of its distance from your spawn point, this location is well worth the effort.

  • Seed Code: 743324574
  • Biomes: Plains & Jungle
  • Cave Opening Coordinates:  X: 1765, Y: 115, Z: -1934

A Story Island in Minecraft 1.18

A Story Island in Minecraft 1.18

On a small river island surrounded by jungle on three sides, this seed spawns us. The jungle biome is enormous, and both editions allow you to delve deep into it. It’s true that this seed adds new features to the bedrock edition, however. In the immediate vicinity, you’ll find a zombie encampment, as well as a pillaging outpost. To make matters worse, there is also a Ruined portal nearby. It’s your job to find out what happened to the villagers, whether they escaped through the portal or were killed by the pillagers.

  • Seed Code: -1548078434
  • Biomes: Plains & Jungle
  • Village with Outpost Coordinates:  X:289 , Y:69 , Z:69 

Monstrous Jungle Island (Java)

monster jungle island

Next, we’re spawned on the edge of a bamboo jungle, which is a part of a larger jungle island. And it resembles a location from one of the classic Indiana Jones films. Several cave entrances, including lush caves, can be found nearby. In addition to that, there are enormous trees covered in vines that you can scale. All of this culminates in a single snow-capped cliff, from which a waterfall cascades. This seed is ideal for establishing a stronghold on an island.

  • Seed Code: -5911948648168175046
  • Biomes: Bamboo Jungle & Jungle
  • Nearest Lush Cave Opening Coordinates: X:246 , Y:62 , Z:-98

Scattered Jungle Dripstones Seed in Minecraft 1.18

Scattered Jungle Dripstones Seed in Minecraft 1.18

Dripstone caves are common in Jungle biomes, as are non-scattered mountain ranges. However, this isn’t your typical Minecraft 1.18 seed. As a result, we now have a massive mountain in the Jungle biome that is nearly completely broken down on one side. Through the broken side, a huge dripstone cave can be seen staring back at us. Just after spawning, you can walk right into it. In addition, vines and other jungle elements have made their way into this cave.

  • Seed Code: -967615746
  • Biomes: Jungle
  • Cave Opening Coordinates: X:-15 , Y:70 , Z:-96

Small Bamboo Jungle Temple Island

Small Bamboo Jungle Temple Island

You may have the opportunity to visit an island that has never been seen before in this seed. We start out in a place with a few jungle trees and a tonne of bamboo around us. There are plenty of other options for food if killing bamboos isn’t your thing. In addition, there is a panda on the island to alleviate your feelings of solitary confinement.

As a reminder, the nearest piece of land is nearly 1000 blocks away. If you don’t already know how to build a boat in Minecraft, now is the time. In spite of this, there is a temple in the jungle that can provide you with some useful items. However, only on the Java edition is this possible.

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The Village in the Woods

The Village in the Woods

This seed is made even rarer by the presence of two ironsmiths. Because the village is Java-exclusive, you won’t be able to find it in the Bedrock edition of Minecraft. Bedrock Edition spawns you in an empty plains area. Even so, it’s a great location for a secret base.

  • Seed Code: 2112031829
  • Biomes: Plains & Jungle
  • Village Coordinates: X:0 , Y:70 , Z:0 (Java)

Seeds for a Giant Hole in the Jungle in Minecraft 1.18

Seeds for a Giant Hole in the Jungle in Minecraft 1.18

The best Minecraft 1.18 jungle seed for a base site can’t be better than this. This seed creates a massive jungle biome in the middle of which is a large hole. If they aren’t careful, the majority of players will either miss it or fall into it. It’s also worth noting that the ground inside the hole is fairly level. Getting rid of the mobs that spawn in the area will make it a lot easier to build a home there. A Mineshaft is also built into this hole in the Java edition.

  • Seed Code: -873584229
  • Biomes: Forest
  • Village Coordinates: X: 522, Y: 68 , Z:1395

SeedMap: 8 Jungle Temples (Bedrock)

SeedMap: 8 Jungle Temples

The next seed we’re working on takes a popular feature of jungles and multiplies it a zillion times. It drops us in the middle of a massive jungle biome with four jungle temples. In the Bedrock edition, there are three of them close together. But you must first cross a small forest to reach this beautiful rainforest. As for Java’s jungle temples, they’re in this Minecraft 1.18 seed, but they’re dispersed.

  • Seed Code: 874512433
  • Biomes: Forest
  • Temple Coordinates: X: -936, Y: 75, Z:248 (Bedrock)
  • Temple Coordinates: X: -1176 Y: 72, Z:40 (Bedrock)

In the Midst of the Jungle and Two Small Towns

In the Midst of the Jungle and Two Small Towns

There is no better place to begin your exploration of a Minecraft world than a village. It’s no different in a jungle world, and this Minecraft 1.18 seed makes it simple to get started. With mountains in the way, you’re spawned close to two villages that are separated by just one. Ironsmiths can be found in both towns, allowing you to acquire some extra resources. After you’ve explored both, you can continue your exploration in the vast jungle biome.

  • Seed Code: -6329924776693558468
  • Biomes: Jungle & Plains
  • Second Village Coordinates: X: -1176 Y: 72, Z:40 (Java)

Minecraft 1.18 Seed with Largest Bamboo Jungle

Minecraft 1.18 Seed with Largest Bamboo Jungle

Minecraft 1.18 Jungle Seeds – The World’s Largest Bamboo Jungle!
The bamboo jungle is a major and iconic part of the jungle biomes. The panda spawns in this normally small biome in a variety of colors and sizes. The Java edition only has pandas, and this is the only place to find them. Those who have an affinity for either pandas or bamboos will delight in the seeds contained within. The standard jungle biome surrounds you as you begin your adventure in the middle of a massive bamboo jungle. While the scenery is beautiful, it can be difficult to find your way through the bamboos.

  • Seed Code: -875252924
  • Biomes: Jungle and Bamboo Jungle

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Try These Best 1.18 Jungle Seeds in Minecraft!

You are now ready to explore the best jungles in Minecraft 1.18. Nevertheless, if you haven’t upgraded your game for any reason, we’ve got the best jungle seeds for Minecraft 1.17 and earlier covered. Our guide to Minecraft biomes, on the other hand, provides an in-depth look at these jungles and more. When compared to the taiga and plains, this biome is still in its infancy.

 Check out these top jungle seeds. We’d love to hear from you if you discover anything new in them. Also, if you come across any great jungle seeds, please leave a seed code in the comments section for our readers to use.

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