Oraimo Earbuds and Prices in Nigeria April 2022 Edition

Oraimo Earbuds


In Nigeria, Oraimo has advanced significantly by introducing inexpensive smartphone accessories. We’ll list the Oraimo earbuds and their costs today in Nigeria. In Nigeria, the business has introduced earbuds that are reasonably priced and offer some of the greatest sound quality available. Here, you can find every pair of earbuds that Oraimo has ever created.

These stand out from the various earphones you’ll find saturating the Nigerian market because to their distinctive appearance. In Nigeria, the earbud market is overrun with imitation and bogus products. The only authentic true wireless earbuds that can be found in local retail stores across the nation are Oraimo earphones. So let’s get right to it and discuss how much Oraimo earphones cost in Nigeria. Also, you can look at the top earbuds available in Nigeria.

Top Best Oraimo Earbuds and Price in Nigeria

Oraimo Freepods Pro ANC (NGN 34,900)

The active noise cancellation function of the Oraimo FreePods Pro ANC is its main selling point. They also include plastic silicone ear tips to stop sound from leaking out. The earphones’ excellent sound quality and hearty bass make it fun to listen to afrobeat music. The carry case fits into any pocket or purse, and it has a sturdy construction. It is impressive that while you are guaranteed 13 hours of listening time without ANC, you will only receive 9 hours of listening time with ANC. The charging case’s battery is 510mAh in capacity, while the earbuds’ battery is 70mAh. The USB C charger for the Buds charges them from 0% to 100% in less than 2 hours.

The instant you remove one ear, the music pauses since it has in-ear detection. Also, whether using the bud to stream videos or play games, Bluetooth 5.2 has low latency. Moreover, the earphone has a transparency mode with four microphones for crystal-clear voice calls.

Oraimo Freepods 3 TWS (NGN 15,900)

The Freepods 3 TWS by Oraimo is a great alternative if your budget won’t allow you to purchase the Freepods Pro ANC. Popular Nigerian musician 2baba adjusted it to afrobeat, and it has excellent sound quality. If you get the 2baba version, voice commands on the buds are in 2baba’s voice, which adds up. There is a white version that costs NGN 14,900 and is offered on the Oraimo website.

It is an earbud that has an ergonomic stem design and ear tips to fit comfortably in your ear. It is preferable to choose the ear tip that fits your ear the best out of the two that are included in the box. Without the earbuds falling out, your listening experience will be considerably better. There are a lot of basses and the sound quality is excellent.

It may be used in the rain or while exercise because it has an IPX5 waterproof rating. Expect a playtime of 8 hours, which can be increased to 23 hours when used with the charging case. It makes advantage of Bluetooth 5.2, which reduces latency and provides a swift connection to your phone. The tubed variant and the variant not adjusted by 2baba both share the same characteristics.

Oraimo Riff Comfort (NGN 10,900) Oraimo Earbuds and Prices in Nigeria

White or black are the two available colours for the Oraimo Riff. They have a small size and an airpod pro-like shape. It has the premium finish found on all Oraimo earphones. The earbud is tiny and made for those with tiny ear canals. It charges using a USB C connector and has a 5-hour battery life. Because the earbud is light, wearing it for a long time won’t cause ear fatigue.

The buds provide incredible sound quality with a rich, expressive bass. We have two call microphones, and they are both IPX4 waterproof, so they work in the rain. It employs Bluetooth 5.0 for quick communication, and it offers touch controls for playing and pausing music.

Oraimo Freepods 2 2baba Edition (NGN 11,900)

When the Freepods 2 2baba edition was first released, it became the buzz of the town. I decided to get one and try it out for myself. Vocals and instrumentals are expertly split, and the sonic quality is superb. Sadly, the battery life is only four hours, which is not very long when compared to other earbuds. The battery life will be at least 23 hours when the charging case and earbuds are used together.

Because it is compact, the earbud is easy to hold in the hand. It may be stowed away in any pocket or bag. Nevertheless, it lacks silicone ear tips, and using it for an extended period of time made my ears tired.

Oraimo Airbuds 2s Super Bass (NGN 12,900)

The first in-ear style earbud on this list is the Airbuds 2s, which was created for consumers who are interested in earphones that stick inside the ear. These earphones are difficult for me to maintain in my ear when I’m walking, yet other folks still prefer them. It boasts a 13mm dynamic driver that constantly produces sound of exceptional quality. Also, it has a USB type C charging port and a battery life of 4 hours. The earphone also has a great shape that makes carrying it around a breeze.

Oraimo Airbuds 2 Super Bass (NGN 12,500)

The Airbuds 2 and the Airbuds 2s are comparable. They are both in-ear headphones with touch controls for music playback and pause. The Airbuds 2 have a 5-hour battery life and a 24-hour standby time. It has low latency communication thanks to Bluetooth 5.0. The ergonomically designed buds stick in the ear. Like any earphone from Oraimo, it also has excellent sound quality. The earbuds also have an IPX5 water resistant rating, making them suitable for exercise.

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Conclusion Oraimo earbuds and prices in Nigeria

The earbuds mentioned above are offered at Nigerian local shops and authorised Oraimo stores. Any store you enter will have them available if you ask for them. Excellent earphones in various price ranges are produced by Oraimo. Oraimo earbuds are inexpensive, and Nigerians may get amazing savings by purchasing any of the models.


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