Uwatchfree: The ultimate free movie and TV series site

Streaming of movies and TV shows has become the new normal during these times, especially in the past three years. Almost all streaming platforms have recorded an exponential increase in the number of users during this period because people can watch whatever they want and whenever they want. This happened due to high prices in theatres and poor service from cable. Film and TV show streaming has become the everyday normal for many people around the world as they do it easily. There is a wide range of content available in the library of famous streaming services such as Netflix and Amazon prime. 

But why free streaming? 

The number of people who stream movies and TV shows has exponentially increased in the past three years and along with that number of streaming platforms has also increased. When you subscribe to every single streaming platform it adds up to the cost which at the end of the month becomes very expensive. But that’s where free streaming services come to rescue your wallet. They give you access to a wide range of movies and TV shows at free of cost which helps you reduce some amount of expenses for the month. Uwatchfree is one such site which lets you watch movies and TV shows for free, they have a massive library with lots of collections. There can be many questions about this site though, is it legal and what are some alternatives

What is Uwatchfree?

Uwatchfree is a site which gives you access to a large number of movies and TV shows completely for free without any cost. The site was started in 2012 and has been running successfully since then. There is also a high resolution option available in the site, so in case you don’t like watching movies at poor quality then you can obviously watch it in HD. Uwatchfree TV domain is hosted in Pakistan so you can get access to a variety of languages from the site easily. But due to legal issues this website was banned from some countries like India, but there are always ways to access these sites despite the ban. 

Is it legal to use Uwatchfree?

Many streaming platforms such as youtube, netflix, amazon prime and others work on a paid basis. For streaming services like netflix, amazon and others you pay a fixed amount every month so that you can watch the movie or TV show of your desire. For youtube you view ads before each and every video which generates income for them. If you want to watch movies for free without paying anything you will have to watch it on illegal sites, so technically Uwatchfree or Uwatchfree TV is an illegal streaming site. You will still see ads on the site, so why is it illegal? Because no part of your income is shared with the movie or TV producers. If everyone starts watching movies and TV shows for free then no actor or director or producer will ever earn money. That is why a paid platform exists. But in case you were wondering whether Uwatchfree is a legal site or not, then the answer is that it is illegal.

Is Uwatchfree safe and secure for streaming?

One of the major benefits of paid platforms is that they are extremely safe and secure. Your current activity or any kind of personal information will not be threatened in any way. Plus you need not worry about harmful malwares, trojans and viruses as they will cannot enter your system or smartphone. But on the other hand when it comes to free streaming sites a significant amount of risk is always present. Why is that? Because those streaming sites also wants to make money and they will allow any kind of advertisement on their site.some streaming sites and applications themselves insert malicious malwares in the device of the user to extract information. So no matter how much website claims to be safe it is recommended to assume certain level risk while using it. The best way to prevent these risks is by using an antivirus and a VPN. a VPN doesn’t allow the site or application to track your activity and an antivirus prevents viruses and malwares from affecting your device.

Is there a mobile application for it?

In case you don’t want to stream movies in the website because you don’t think it will be safe then you can obviously stream Uwatchfree TV using the mobile application. These applications are not available in the play store or app store. You need to download the APK for the app from the browser and then install it. There is still a significant amount of risk present in it so it is once again safe to use a VPN and an antivirus.


Please try to stick with legal alternatives such as netflix, amazon, hulu, disney+, hotstar, as much as possible. These do not only have massive libraries but are also safe to use. In any case you are not able to afford these then go for streaming sites and applications. But still make sure that you use a VPN and antivirus while streaming just to be safe. 

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