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After 9 years, 4 anime seasons, 402 chapters, and as of 2019, 49.9 million volume sold, Haikyuu characters have left everything on the court but which of the anime volleyball player is the best at the sports. Here is a list of Haikyuu’s best characters: 

haikyuu Characters

In Haikyuu the theme of sports, talent, teamwork, and character growth is thoroughly explored, as the underdog volleyball team karasonu work their way up to nationals, into the hearts of millions around the world, we love sports anime Haikyu with talented volleyball teams and in every team, each position is filled by someone uniquely talented for that skillset, be it a captain, setter, libero, middle blocker, pinch server, wing spiker, and the ace. That is why our ranking today is based on the player’s skill and their specific position plus their overall contribution to the team balanced by their shortcomings as a player.

1. Kenma Kozume 

 Kenma Kozume

Being a top player is not just about talent as Kenma Kozume proved known as the brain of the team Nekoma, kenma is the setter of the Nekoma High, who goes beyond his average individual athletic ability and stamina by capitalizing on his off the charts strategic sense he uses this to sharply analyze the opposing team strategy player skills and dynamics for dividing the smartest maneuvers to counter them with this he comes up with the most interpret plan that can break the opposing team spirit starts slow and hard is the name the game of Nekoma high. Since they use the early game to adapt to the players and their style as they discover the opposing team’s strengths and weaknesses Nekoma turns on the offensive in the final stretch quickly gaining back any points they lost due to the usage of Kenma’s extreme intelligence being greatly dependent on his teammate’s facilitating games we had to rank him a bit lower than the other players. He still gets a fairly respectable number on our list.

2. Tatsuro Kuroo

With Nekoma high taking their time in the early game to fencely ensure the key aspect of their game and the heart of that is the impregnable defensive captain and mid blocker Tatsuro Kuroo.Kuroo pressures his opponents with his expertise in coordinating his blocks with timing and reading spiker with exceptional speed technique and games since Kuro jumps so he breaches his epic pride as the ball spiked downwards on the other set of the net allowing him to block spikes from the taller and stronger opponents, a master of timing  Kuroo has proven himself a well-rounded player that contributes to nekoma’s offense and defense. He does insure from his mentoring duties as captain either as he took time to take tsukishima under his wings during the training camp to teach him the personal time difference attack for striker alters the timing of the jump throwing off the defending blockers, Kuroo doesn’t seem to have any weaknesses but he oftentimes acts as simply another undifferentiated of his team another cog in the machine if you will, with much of nekoma’s focus being on amplifying kenma’s ability to act as the brain sometimes Kuroo himself fade in the background during the games and that’s why we placed at the number nine.

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3. Korai Hoshiumi 

Korai Hoshiumi

Nothing beats a good defense like a good offense and Korai Hoshiumi being spiker of Kamomedai high is the perfect example of that. Similar and short lean body type to Hinata He also possesses next-level stamina, indescribable speed, and staggering jumping power that lets him go all out on the offensive. Hoshiumi’s jump serves with their extreme power and accuracy scares even the strongest of players with his vastly superior volleyball experience he balances his powerful serves with his strategic techniques, crosses, wipes, and straight spikes, not to mention his receives are always reliable along with Kageyama he was one of the few students invited to all japan youth intensive training camp. He is an excellent player who is solid at defense and downright scary at offense. Hoshiumi’s height was something he struggle with at first but learned not to see it as an impediment but instead focused on deligiblently working on becoming a formidable player. He’s become a great all-rounder, a monster of a player in fact, and is definitely deserving the 8th place on our list.

4. Koutaro Bokuto 

 Bokuto is one of the top 5 ace players, he is high-spirited and temper mental. The one and only captain and wing spiker of Fukurodani Academy. Bokuto specializes in cross spikes and straight spikes that unpredictably direct the ball to the point that they are almost untouchable by his opponents, Kuroo even remarked that he as the same level of top tier aces when he is serious, he has an excellent grasp of the game and the ball allowing him to execute insane cut shot through blockers, he is also extremely skilled at performing fames and wipes, he also passes his skill to Hinata at the Tokyo summer training camp. As a captain, Bokuto’s unswerving spirit creates the unyielding foundation of the team at the same time Bokuto’s tendency towards wildly inconsistence moves on the court can seriously affect its game, luckily his teammate Akashi knows just how to deal with this. We did have to rank him a bit lower on the list but he still deserves a very well-earned 7th spot.

5. Kiyoomi Sakusa

Kiyoomi Sakusa

Another student of all japan youth intensive camp and our second ace on the list Kiyoomi Sakusa was itachiyama ace spiker and was number one among the top 3 aces within the country in his high school days, with his ultra-flexible wrist he can easily control the ball with extreme precision to perform near-impossible shots with control snaps as well as to put the nastiest spin on the ball, his swift and powerful spikes are strong enough to penetrate the strongest of the blocker. He also has a great game sense which allows him to see through his opponent and strategize accordingly. Sakusa was only a second-year when he was named one of the top three aces of japan and we see a lot of potentiality for even more growth here. This places him quite squarely at number six in our books.

This game is quite heating up as our top player all over japan. And that’s just the first half. Keep reading to find out the true king of the court and who won the most heart.

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6. Toru Oikawa

Toru Oikawa

Mr.100% is up next, Toru Oikawa is the captain and the setter of  Aoba Johsai high who’s most remarkable strength is to bring out 100% from his team, he does this so intuitively with a team of strangers no kidding. As an individual player, he possesses a natural athleticism that enables him to pinpoint accurate jump serves that often go untouched racking up countless points in matches. As a setter Oikawa is observant and sensitive to the needs of his spiker able to deliver the exact set that will draw out their full potential, as Kageyama’s greatest rival he has garnered the nickname great king from Hinata. He is sometimes childish and frivolous and takes our healthy contrasted with a fiercely competitive nature. His ambition is so much so that he can go too far, this is something we can see as his greatest strength but ultimately his greatest weakness as well. he has more than earned his place at number 5.

7. Atsumu Miya 

Atsumu Miya

The best setter highlight the spiker and that is none other than Atsumu Miya of inarizaki high school, another attendee of all japan intense training camp, he also holds the title of best high school setter of all japan beating out even Oikawa, his technical skills allow him to allows him to personalize each set for maximum accuracy and ease for the spiker often making the spiker look better than they actually are. He is also often a service ace with his mastery of the jump serve and jump float serve with this Atsumu easily goes toe to toe with Kageyama and can even pull off Hinata and Kageyama extreme quick attack a move only the best and talented players can execute not to mention he performed a workable version of it with his brother on his first try, Atsumu may have an attitude now and then but he is a valuable asset that no team wants to pass up and with that, he receives a well deserved 4th place.

8. Wakatoshi Ushijima

Wakatoshi Ushijima

A defense with no holes doesn’t exist, this quote from the man himself perfectly embodies Wakatoshi Ushijima the captain and ace of Shiatorizawa Academy who holds the position of one of the top three aces of the country. Ushijima’s sheer strength and peak physical condition give his spikes the power they need to break through even the strongest blocker. Blocking and receiving his attacks have been noticed to cause extreme pain in the opponent, he also has an ace up his volleyball sleeve, he’s also left-handed a rare quality in volleyball players. This gives him the upper hand…the upper left hand that is in the court and leaves his opponents clueless on how to counter. This guy’s middle name should be endurance because even at the end of the five-set match against karasuno he could still power up his strikes to shock his opponent. This powerhouse rounds up our top 3.

9. Shoyo Hinata

 He won the pole for a fav character with 47.90% of more than 30,000 votes worldwide. Hinata hits the court running as a small but mighty ball of energy and agility, his speed of the court is unparallel paired with his terrifyingly powerful jumps, his speed allows him to land a point even before the opponent know his coming, he was initially average in serving and receiving but after much training he stepped up his game to jump serve, receive and set at a pro-level, he gained a nickname the greatest decoy with his bigger than life attitude and overwhelming presence on the court that allows other spikers to score alongside him eventually he became his own greatest decoy luring the opposing team defenses against him so he can put the ball exactly where he wants it. Hinata shows the greatest growth in the series and embodies his own words “the future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dream”.

10. Tobio Kageyama

Tobio Kageyama

Regardless of his popularity, Kageyama has truly earned his title as the king of the court as a genius setter of karasuno high as the king he rules over the court with his technical analytic skills, setting pinpoint tosses while considering all the possible angles and placements in a blink of an eye, having attended the prestigious all japan youth training camp, he also has a killer jump serve that often gets an ace with its precision and accuracy. He is the perfect complement to the lighting quick Hinata and together they created the all to famous quick attack, He was able to develop this pro-level attack with such an inexperience player with the help of his analytical skills the allowed him to fine-tune his set to match the ability and preference of the spiker,” if they adjust to me I just have to adjust intern, whoever stops adjusting won’t be able to continue forward”, truly he has demonstrated this as time and time again as a genius setter and the king of the court.

With the manga concluded with chapter 402 in July 2020, Haikyu will be surely missed Haruichi Furudate launched haikyu all the way back in 2011, and ever since meeting Shoyo Hinata and the volleyball team for the first time millions of people around the world have griped or should I say served by the story of karasuno high.

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