5+ Best alternative apps for Showbox

Showbox is a giant when it comes to free torrenting service. It’s incredibly famous around the world with a large base of users. Sadly due to legal issues this amazing app has been banned in many countries, due to which many people have found it difficult to access the app.

Even though there are many duplicate versions of showbox, many of them contain dangerous virus, Trojans and malwares which makes it incredibly difficult to trust an app. So that’s it? There are no alternatives for showbox?

There are many apps like showbox out there which may not be banned in your country which also do not have any Trojans or malwares. In this list we are going to look at the best apps which are similar to showbox.

Before going to the list it is highly advisable that you use VPNs before accessing these because it provides you anonymity keeping not only your information but also constant access to the app.

These are the best apps which are similar to showbox:

Tubi TV app:

Tubi TV is one of the best alternatives for showbox because it is already well established and known app throughout the world. There are thousands of active users in it. Tubi TV allows users to stream movies and TV shows for free. You need to fill in the sign in page with the details like name, email and date of birth, and you need to verify your email address too. The app contains advertisements but supports HD streaming which is a good thing. Tubi TV provides wide range of options similar to showbox and the interface is easy to use too. Users will not feel any difficulty. The only downfall with this app is that it is available only in U.S, so it can be used only through a VPN if you are from some other country.

Cinema APK:

Cinema APK is once again a great alternative which is incredibly similar to showbox. This is another well-known app which makes it easy to trust. This app to, similar to showbox, has a wide range of categories with massive collection so you need not worry about lack of options. All you need to use this app is to download the APK from the browser and install it in your phone and you are good to go. It is highly advised that you use an antivirus before installing it. As you are downloading the APK from server it is safe to use an antivirus software to prevent any harmful malwares.

Popcorn time:

Popcorn time is probably the best alternative for showbox due to its instant playback feature. Once again this app too has a wide range of collection which are frequently updated. The reason I say it is the best alternative to showbox is that there are no restrictions on how much content you watch and it available for windows, Mac, android and android TV too making it such a great option, at times even better than showbox. The interface is quite easy to use too without any complications.


Crackle is not as famous as the other apps that we have seen in the list before but this one arguably provides you the best experience. It’s interface is incredibly easy to use and navigate through. You can easily filter out actors and genres to search for a movie or show making it incredibly useful. If you signup you can also create your own personal watch list and add movies to watch later categories. In case you don’t want this and you just want to stream movies, you need not signup making it once again a great option. The best part about this app is that it is owned by Sony, so new movies and shows are constantly added to the catalog constantly. You can search and watch any latest title online quite easily. the only drawback with crackle is that it is available only in U.S making it difficult to access if you do not have a VPN.

Pluto TV:

Pluto is not used by and not known by many but it is an underrated one. You can not only watch movies and TV shows but also sports and other events making this app incredibly flexible for all kinds of streaming and live broadcasts. The playback quality is high and there is also a wide range of content available in the app. Once again the problem that you may face is that it is available only in U.S. You can easily access it with a VPN though. This is not the best alternative for showbox but is great if you are going to stream sports events and other broadcasts too.

Movie box:

Movie box is incredibly similar to showbox from its interface to the icons making it easy to use and identify. The features of this app is based on showbox too, so if you are familiar with showbox then this one must be easy to use. The only drawback here is you need to watch the trailer for the movie or TV show that you are going to watch which may become annoying with constant use. The app is available only in English and Russian which makes it difficult to use for other country users.


First and foremost we would recommend you to go for paid services because not only they ensure better service and content but also are legal. Torrenting has its own problems and difficulties which are majorly two. The first one is the legal aspect, the applications may get banned anytime or may not be available in your country so you must pay for a VPN service. The second aspect is that apps like Showbox have more possibility of carrying harmful malware or Trojan which may not only harm your system but also steal your data. Be careful before installing any kind of application.

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