5+ Best sites to stream NFLin 2021

National Football League has become extremely famous and is one of the most-watched sports not only in the U.S but also in other countries. Even though NFL.com streams the games sometimes it is difficult to access if you are from other countries. You also need to pay for the stream which makes it less preferable too. But there are other ways in which you can stream NFL for free. In this article, we are going to look at the sites where you can stream NFL

Sportlemon TV

SportLemon TV does not only stream NFL but also various other sports such as football, basketball, hockey, tennis, and more. There are schedules available for all the upcoming matches and you can start streaming just with a click. The best part about this site is that you need not sign up to start streaming and there are various links so that even if one of them fails you can use others. SportLemon TV is also free and has been one of the best sites to stream NFL, for free.


There are various channels in 123TV that enables you to stream various sports seamlessly. The streaming is done via peer to peer so the stream never gets fully deleted from the internet. Peer to peer method of streaming also provides you with the highest quality while streaming. You can stream NFL from channels that are exclusively available only in the U.S. Not just NFL or other sports but you can also use 123TV to stream news, movies, and TV shows to making it a flexible option.


Even though the NFL is available on many sites NBA or WWE or other similar sports streams are not available. Sports24 contains channels where you can stream all of the above sports completely for free. They have listed all the sports that are available on their page making it easy for you to navigate. The schedule is also available for all the sports on the site. The UI is easy and simple to use making it highly user-friendly. HD streaming is also available on the site.

Yoursports live

Along with the NFL, you can not only stream various other sports but also TV shows. Users prefer Yoursports live because this site is compatible both on PC and mobile making it convenient. The schedule is updated regularly and you can start streaming right away. Sports from various other countries can also be streamed.

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Yahoo Sports app

Yahoo Sports app is very famous and well known. You can stream NFL, NBA, soccer, and many more. As it is connected with various sources you need not worry about the quality of the stream. Along with streams, highlights of matches and interviews of players are also available in the app, appealing to all the sports fans around the world. As this is a mobile app it will be extremely convenient for the users too. Yahoo Sports conducts many contests in which you can participate and win cash prizes. Yahoo Sports app is a legal alternative so you need not worry about fears of piracy.

NFL mobile app

What is a better place than the official NFL streaming app? It is run and maintained by the National Football League itself making it reliable. Many free apps and sites out there provide streaming services for free but prey on our data but official streaming sites and apps do not do that. Various features like match highlights, player descriptions, team details, statistics of the tournament, and many other features are present in the app making it the best app to stream NFL.


There are lots of alternatives available for you to stream NFL, it is best to stick with the official sites and apps such as NFL.com and NFL app itself. These are safe and secure giving you one less thing to worry about. Though other sites provide their services for free it is quite dangerous to use them continuously. We recommend you to use a VPN before accessing any of the sites to protect you. You can also use a VPN while accessing official sites to gain easier access. Also, use antivirus to safeguard you from external threats like malware and trojans. Happy streaming!

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