5+ Best alternatives for Kiss cartoon

Kiss cartoon is a well-known streaming site that contains both cartoons and anime. It is preferred by a wide range of users due to its massive library of both cartoons and anime. It has almost all the cartoons and anime, whether they are old or new. Kiss cartoon also constantly updates its library with new cartoons and new episodes appealing to the users. There are various links present on the site allowing you to stream on both HD and SD quality Due to privacy issues kiss cartoon is inaccessible in many countries. In this article, we are going to look at some of the best alternatives for Kiss cartoons.


Kimcartoon is the best alternative for Kisscartoon considering both the massive libraries of content and appealing UI. all the cartoons on the site are organized in an orderly manner making it appealing to the users and also easy to navigate through. The site has an excellent user interface. Kimcartoon, just like Kiss cartoon, is free to use without any signup making it much special. You can also read comics on the site and HD streaming is available for various cartoons making it one of the most preferred sites.


KissAnime is like the sibling of Kisscartoon. Unlike Kiss cartoon, Kiss anime has used the same domain for a very long time making it recognizable. Kiss anime too has a wide range of collection of cartoons and anime series. If you are willing to take up their premium subscription then you will not get annoying ads too giving you a much better user experience. Additionally, it provides HD streaming, and animes are uploaded based on requests too. So in case you want an anime on the site you can just request it in the forum and everything will be taken care of.  

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Animation is extremely similar to Kiss cartoon. Just like Kiss cartoon, Animation has been in the field for a long time with consistent domain making it easily recognizable. When it comes to the library, they have massive content that is indexed properly in alphabetical order making it easier to go through and select the show of our desire. It provides HD streaming and dubbed animes. There are also links for Chinese and Korean dramas. 


Toonova is a free site where you can stream cartoons and anime completely for free. The site has a great user interface that is organized perfectly, attractive for users. The site will feel similar to the AnimeToon site. When you click on a show, a new tab will open which will show the reviews and ratings of the show. There is various link present which will direct you to the video and depending upon the streaming quality. Both HD and SD streaming is available on the site. English dubbed shows are available and you can also read manga on the site. The shows and manga are updated daily with regular updates. 

Cartoon network:

Cartoon Network is probably the most well-known site on this list. The best feature about this site is that it is completely legal and trustable, and the site is completely kid-friendly. You do not get any random pop up ads that may be graphic or may contain graphic content. Almost all of us would have come across Cartoon Network at least one time in our life. Cartoon Network, as it is a legal alternative for Kiss cartoon, will not be taken down or the domain will not be changed anytime. It has HD streaming, You can play games on the site and there is also an app for it. The library is constantly updated too.

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Many cartoon and anime sites that are launched from time to time get taken down or shut down due to privacy issues but Crunchyroll has been going strong for a long period of time despite those issues. The best highlight about the site is that it has games that you can play making it much more interactive. The site is completely free and you need not signup at all. HD streaming is available and also contains news articles regarding cartoons and animes.


Not many pirated sites are actually kid-friendly. Even though they may only contain cartoons, their ads may contain graphic content. This is because they have to generate ads in some way so they use these methods. But Toonjet has good content which is absolutely kid-friendly without any graphic ads. The site also has some classic cartoons making it one of the best alternatives for Kisscartoon. You can use the site unlimited for free without any restrictions. 


There are many sites mentioned in this article that may not be kid-friendly. In order to generate revenue, those sites may post graphic ads. It is best if you stick with sites such as cartoon network which are official. You can also enable VPN to get wider access depending upon your geographical location. It is important to use an antivirus before using such sites as there are chances that they may contain malware that will harm the device. 

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