5+ Best Alternatives for GoGoAnime in 2021

Even though there are numerous sites where you can watch and download anime it is extremely rare to find a good and trustable one. For a long time, Gogo anime filled the shoes of being one of the most trusted anime streaming websites of all time, and millions of people using it. Gogo anime is simple to navigate and has a huge library. You will rarely not find animes that you want to watch because it has literally every single anime ready to stream. The best part about it is that the site is completely free. Users can stream anime in Gogo anime without paying a single dime. This was a major key point for all the users, you can stream any anime anytime you want and you need not pay any money for it, because anime wasn’t available that easily similar to movies and TV shows.

But recently due to legal issues related to piracy of content Gogo anime has been banned in many countries and has become extremely difficult to access. In this event, we have to find websites that allow you to stream anime for free and is similar to Gogo anime. In this article, we are going to look at such websites.

Best alternatives for Gogo anime: 

Kiss anime:

Kissanime is literally my favorite website of all time because of its amazing library of contents. Kissanime is the best alternative for Gogo anime and we are sure about it. To make things much better kissanime also has a forum in which you can actively discuss other fellow anime watchers about different things. What makes kissanime extremely attractive is that it has a great touch-optimized mobile version. 


Animeland is the place if you want to watch anime if you want dubbed versions and you need not even register for it. All you need to do is search for it and you can watch a dubbed version of your favorite anime without any hassle. It has all the popular animes like one piece, naruto, and many other shows. You can search for the anime if you desire and watch its dubbed version. There is also a chatbox on the site where you can discuss with other people about animes and other different things


Animestreams is really a simple website with a simple looking and easy to use the website but the amount of content it has in its library is mind-boggling. All new animes and their latest episodes are uploaded to the site soon and the best part is that both original and dubbed versions of the animes are available on it. You will be provided with multiple streaming links which you can utilize if one of them is not working.

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Chia anime:

Chia anime has a really bad UI for sure and it feels unattractive but please look beyond that. It has almost every single anime and Asian dramas. You can download them in various formats including the famous MP4 format. In case it doesn’t have your favorite anime you can always go to their Facebook page and list out your suggestions which you expect to see on the site. It is a great alternative for Gogo anime.

Dubbed anime:

Dubbed anime is the place for everyone who is an enthusiast of anime. Even though it has dubbed in its name it has many animes in its original version with English subtitles making it much easy for users. Similar to Gogo animes this one also releases new animes from time to time and maintains its schedule properly. If the link doesn’t work then it is not a problem at all because it has multiple links that you can use easily.


Now, this is a site that is extremely famous just for its amazing UI. it has an attractive dark theme which is preferred and liked by almost every user. It also has its own android app which makes AnimeFrenzy a great alternative for gogo anime. You can watch how much ever anime you want without any limit completely for free. 


Anime planet is something different and in fact sometimes better than gogo anime itself, how? Anime planet is legal. Yes! Anime planet is completely legal and it restricts itself to content that can be legally provided to people, thanks to its partnerships with multiple production companies that help make this happen. Yes, this legal may reduce the amount of content in its library but it is still times better than illegal streaming. You can register yourself and create your own watchlist where you can add animes of your desire.

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Anime Ultima:

Anime Ultime has animes from all kinds of genres. Be it action, romance or adventure Anime ultima has it for you. This single feature makes it an amazing alternative for Gogo anime. It is also extremely beneficial to register your account because you will constantly receive notifications and updates about new episodes. Isn’t that amazing? They also have a discord server where you can discuss with other anime fans.


Finding a good trustable website for anime is really tough but the sites listed here are some of the best and are great alternatives for Gogo anime. We would recommend kissanime for its huge library and for the reason it is running for a long time, and the next one obviously will be anime-planet. Streaming anime legally without making any payment is very rare so we must use it for sure. It is recommended to use a VPN and anti-virus while you are accessing these websites just for your safety concerns and it will also provide you wider access. 

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