20 Best Cosplay Ideas in 2021

Cosplays are always fun, be at comic con or dressing up for halloween or even just for fun. Cosplay allows a person to explore their creativity and allow themselves to enjoy. The effort that people put into their costumes and styling is so incredible that it almost looks like the original. If you are a geek especially, cosplay will mean a lot more to you than other people because you can become your favourite character in real life for a day or two. Isn’t that what everyone wants? To be a superhero? That’s what Cosplay gives you, an opportunity and a lot of fun.

But sometimes we may be out of ideas for what to dress up as, which superhero or which one is trending or which character is trending. Well if you are stressed about what are some amazing cosplay ideas, don’t worry that’s why we are here. In this article, we are going to look at what are the best cosplay ideas right now!

Eleven from stranger things

This is the easiest yet fun cosplay in recent times. All you need is an old gown and a blonde wig, and you’re good to go! Eleven created such an impact in our culture, thanks to its nostalgic references throughout the show. It instantly became sensational.


The classic one! Be it 20 years ago or even 10 years from now, Batman will always be people’s favourite hero of all time. You wanna go cheap? Just wear a bat mask and nothing else, still it would look fantastic. If you want to be classic, then be batman!


The caped crusader is here, yet another old and classic cosplay idea. This one is also similar to batman. You can do a complete dress up or if you don’t want to stress much but still want to be involved, just wear a superman T-shirt and a red cape. Comic book characters are easy to replicate because you know what they look like.

Elsa from Frozen

Every single girl all over the world was obsessed with this ice queen when frozen initially released. Elsa is a little bit tricky to replicate as you have to make sure that both costume and hairstyle are perfect. You cannot even half ass this like other comic book characters. But come on, cosplay is all about efforts.


Everyone wants to be Thor after MCU. especially after watching infinity war because he really was overpowered in that! The real OP of MCU is Thor right now. People started loving him and has become a preferred cosplay idea.

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The Flash

Another DC comic book character to the rescue! Flash is a speedster who can run as fast as light, sometimes even faster. Everyone wishes they had his powers at least once in their lives, so why not cosplay him?

A scientist

Cosplay need not always be about comic book characters you know, it’s about anything you enjoy. Maybe you are a manager who wanted to become a scientist as a child, why delay it now?


Ghostbusters is an extremely fun cosplay idea if you are doing it with your friends. Imagine this, everyone in your group dresses up as a ghostbuster, how fun it would be! Ghostbuster will always remain a classic.

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Cowboys are not really pop culture references you know? Cow boys are actually inspired from real lives, mostly the sheriffs from Texas and mid America. Why not replicate it for a cosplay idea?

Men in Black

Men in black is in my opinion the easiest cosplay idea of all time. All you need is a black suit, black sunglasses and formal black shoes and boom! Now you are either tommy lee jones or will smith from men in blakc, just like that. 

A Robot

A robot can be anything, maybe inspired by movies and TV shows or just from your own creative juices. Robots were cool almost 40 years ago and are still cool because we have two opinions: They are the future, and they are going to destroy humans.

A Transformer

Let’s be honest, even though the movies are not that good all of us loved the classic cartoon shows of transformers. So why not be one for this geek meet? The only problem is that it may be a bit tough to replicate, but choose the easiest transformer then! Maybe bumblebee? That seems good.

Sonic the Hedgehog

Sonic is always and will always have a separate fanbase, thanks to the countless number of video games and an entertaining movie. Sonic the hedgehog is easy to replicate because you need not concentrate on anything, just buy a sonic costume and it is done.

Ash from pokemon

If you are a fan of japanese anime then you surely must have come across Pokemon. Pokemon had a huge impact on pop culture, almost all over the world. So why not be pikachu’s trainer for this cosplay idea? All you need is a jacket, a hat, and a pokeball? That will do.

Captain America

After MCU movies released a separate fanbase rose for Captain America and how amazing he is. If you go with the classic costume, it is much easier to replicate actually. It will turn out to be a great Cosplay idea and remember, don’t forget the shield.


No, this is not a pirate of the Caribbean reference, pirate is a general idea when it comes to cosplay ideas. But we have the greatest pirate as a cosplay idea for the geek meet, the one, and only Captain Jack Sparrow! What will you need? A hat, a hook, a coat, and most importantly to replicate a pirate accurately, an eye patch!

Music stars

Many people are obsessed with music and pop stars, so why not replicate them as a cosplay idea? Elvis presley, elton john, michael jackson and many more! This never gets old actually, it gets newer every time because you are basically cherishing their memory.

Movie and TV stars

Your favourite actors and their best characters. Maybe Di caprio and his role in django unchained, uma thurman in kill bill, and many more! These can be selected according to your desires and they always manage to fresh no matter what!

Anime characters

Maybe you are an avid anime fan, so why not replicate one? There are literally thousands of anime that are ready to be turned into amazing cosplay ideas. Bring out your favorite anime characters here!


Single handedly the most famous comic book superhero of all time, has been a cosplay idea for years! Spiderman is also easy to replicate with just the mask. Remember, with great power comes great responsibility!


Cosplay ideas are abundant all over you, you need not restrict yourself just to comic book characters or movie characters. You can dress up whatever you want: A mailman? A cop? A thief? As donald trump? Literally anything! Cosplays all about enjoyment!

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