How To Fix Windows Audio Device Graph Isolation Problems?

How to fix Windows audio device graph isolation problems?
After struggling with this issue for a long time and not having any luck with these various mostly generic approaches – namely updating or sometimes downgrading drivers, disabling sounds, etc – what seems to be where the issue lies most of the time. AudioDG doesn’t just control output but also factors in when it comes to input. I believe...

10 Best Free Multiplayer Horror Games

free multiplayer horror games
If you are looking for some paid or free Multiplayer Horror Games where you can stand side by side with your friend and shoot hordes of zombies or perhaps challenges someone to a one versus one scare-fest, then you can try the list of games mentioned below. Every single one of these games is free I will be giving...

How to fix the ‘this site can’t be reached’ error?

this site can’t be reached
What We Read In This Article(This Site Can’t Be Reached) If you have entered a path and it is showing that 'the site cannot be reached'. Click on details and you will see all these several details, so several reasons for that check your internet connection, firewall is blocking the IP address, or if you are using a proxy server....

How to Fix Reboot and Select Proper Boot Device

In this Article (Reboot and Select Proper Boot Device we read about): 1)Introduction about:-Reboot and Select Proper Boot Device 2)Reasons for Reboot and Select Proper Boot Device 3)How to get into BIOS for Reboot and Select Proper Boot Device 4)Quick ways to fix reboot and select proper boot device 5)Conclusion for Reboot and Select Proper Boot Device Introduction and The Problem You Faced Your personal computer...


WAYBACK MACHINE AND ITS BEST ALTERNATIVES What Is The Wayback Machine? The Wayback machine is connected to  is a non-profit that is tab not tasked but one of the things they do is archive every website on the internet since the beginning of the internet. You can type any address into the Wayback machine, it will take you to...


Introduction of GPU temperature range When your computer components are heating up and could lead to damages increased amount of heat can lead to the elusive blue screen of death or permanently damaged your components altogether, source the best solution and how do you address this problem? In this blog, I will define the approximate recommended temperature ranges for many of...

Windows 10 startup program: How to add or remove the programs

Windows 10 Startup program
Whenever you boot up your computer some programs automatically start running from the startup folder that exists. Some of the applications that run are defined by the system itself, meaning that the system has a set of applications that it decided to run whenever the user boots up, and some applications are user-defined, meaning we users can define some...

How to uninstall discord in Windows

Discord is a communication software that was initially focused on the gaming community but as the audience expanded due to its amazing features, Discord also understood about its expanding user base so rolled out community feature and various other features that are not present in any other communication software/application.  It has amazing features such as Voice chat where people can...

How to Clear Cache in Google Chrome

clear cache in google chrome
Many times, if you have not cleared everything in your browser you could have noticed that it is getting slow and people would recommend clearing cache in your chrome browser.. Especially when you use other applications with chrome open you can notice that not only the browser is slowed but the other application is also slowed down. Why does...

What is Superfetch and How to Disable or Enable the Superfetch in Windows

Disable superfetch
Before we go into the concept and topic of disabling Superfetch, we first need to understand what Superfetch is and how does it work. What is Superfetch? All of us use some applications and software more frequently than others, maybe it is for our work or maybe those are all the applications we even use. What Superfetch does is that it...