What is Lookmovie and is it legal?

Lookmovie Each and every production house are launching their streaming service these days which has become extremely costly to afford. Paying for each and every streaming service has become so tough. On the other hand, there are theatres which charge a lot of money for watching one movie and there are also other expenses relating to it which has become...

How to stop sharing locations without them knowing?

How to stop sharing locations without them knowing?
The methods mentioned below will help you to stop being tracked without anyone knowing in your circle and also you can go to spoof your location to make it look like you are somewhere without making it look like where you are, so you are going to be able to pretty much fool anyone and make them think you...

Discord screen share doesn’t have proper audio

Discord is one of the most used applications all around the world which is being used by everyone of all ages. The main reason why it is being used is because of how gamer-friendly it is and how manageable it is. It has several amazing features such as voice chat, video chat, screen sharing, creating a community, and many...

AMOLED vs OLED Display Technology

Introduction In this article, We will talk about the Difference Between AMOLED or OLED Display Technology (AMOLED vs OLED) with Types. There are various types of AMOLED AMOLEDSAMOLEDSAMOLED+Dynamic AMOLED Fluid AMOLEDRetina AMOLED Today we will define the difference between all these, many times people think it has an OLED panel in this due to which it creates confusion that it has...

What Is Void(document.oncontextmenu=null); ? How To Re-Enable It

Void document
What is void(document.oncontextmenu=null); ? Have you ever gone to a website and noticed that you are not able to copy any kind of text there at all? No matter how hard you try it feels impossible to copy it. We have all been there and no, it is not your system or browser’s problem. Usually to protect their content from...

What is MCM client?

What is MCM client
Introduction MCM client stands for Mobile Content Management Function and Uses Of MCM Client MCM client enables secure access to company resources, such as documents and multimedia files, on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. Various settings can be used to ensure that unauthorized persons cannot access company data. In this article, we are going to discuss everything about the...

Best ways to Download Youtube videos online

Download youtube video online
Whenever we watch a nice youtube video, we want to download it because we can watch it later especially without an internet connection. Even though youtube provides an option to download videos in their app itself on smartphones, you need to have a youtube prime subscription to download any video of your desire. Even if you have a youtube...

How to Delete Venmo Account! Complete Guide

simple steps of how to delete your venmo account
Venmo is a free digital wallet that allows you to send and receive money without any fees essentially. If you’re using a debit card or a bank account it’s fee-free now if you’re using a merchant account like you’re using a credit card that’s Visa, Master Card, Discover, or America Express those will all work but because it is...

5 Best Memoji for Android in 2021

memoji for android
Memoji for android iPhone has this crazy feature that lets you animate yourself and create emojis. You capture your face and turn yourself into an animated cartoon, this animated cartoon is called Memoji. Unfortunately, this Memoji feature is available only for iPhones and not for androids.  Using Memoji you can create an animated avatar for yourself, style your hair and face...

Absolute Bluetooth Volume – Everything You Need to Know!

Absolute Bluetooth Volume
Android provides various special features to its user, out of the one feature allows the user to control its device’s volume and the device connected via Bluetooth. This special feature in android devices is called Absolute Bluetooth Volume. Android started providing an absolute Bluetooth volume feature in 2015. It is very easy to disable this feature. How to disable...