How To Fix PS5 Issues?

how to fix ps5 issues
The Sony PS5 launched alongside the new Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S a few weeks ago. While it has been nearly impossible to get one with scalpers buying up every console available, many of you have been lucky enough to get your hands on a shiny new PS5 and Xbox Series console. The PS5 has cutting-edge technology...

How To Fix Your Nintendo Switch Won’t Turn On Issue

Nintendo Switch Won't Turn On
Introduction and Different Method to Fix Nintendo Switch won't turn on Issue The first thing you should do is to charge your Nintendo switch for at least 30 minutes, just to make sure that the battery has some type of power inside. When charging your Nintendo switch, make sure you use proper original power cable from Nintendo itself, make sure...

How to fix Fallout 4 crashing on start-up?

how to fix fallout 4 crashing
If you got some problems running Fallout 4, then you are not alone and it was a really frustrating way where it can run smoothly with no major SPX drops and without crashing to the desktop every five minutes. Method 1 to fix Fallout 4 crashing on start-up Step 1 to fix Fallout 4 crashing on start-up This works for the parted...

How Can You Connect Air Pods to PS4?

How Can You Connect Air Pods to PS4
In this article, we are going to discuss how can you connect apple air pods to PS4 console. The methods mentioned below will work for any type of air pods that you have, it does not matter if it is the first edition air pod or second addition air pods, the same goes along with the PlayStation console as...

 How to Pick The Right Gaming Console For Yourself

We understand that selecting a new game console can be difficult with so many choices on the market. There are often several competing aspects to consider when determining the ideal gaming console for you. These include specifications, personal preferences, design and much more. Are you puzzled about which game system to buy next? Don't be! Simply consider these things. Specifications and Performance When...

How to uninstall League of Legends in Windows 10 in the right way

League of legends
League of Legends is quite possibly the most famous game on the planet and it doesn't seem as though this MOBA is losing steam at any point in the near future. This doesn't come without issues in any case and there are a ton of motivations to quit playing League of Legends. The greater part of the issues here...

5 Best Minigames in Big Console Releases

In the modern era of gaming, a simple story and narrative are not enough to ensure longevity.Instead, developers are looking for minigames, side quests and collectibles to pack out their titles. Who can forget the brilliant Insurance Fraud side quest in Saints Row 2 or the Diamond Resort and Casino in Grand Theft Auto? Neither affected the overall story,...

How To Fix Play Station 4 controller not charging?

H=how to fix ps4 controller not charging
If you are having some trouble charging your ps4 controller for example if you plug it into the USB and it would always be saying it was disconnected or nothing is getting charged, so there are a couple of ways that you can try to fix this problem. Method 1 To Fix Play Station 4 controller not charging  If check the...

How to fix Steam works common Redistributables problem?

Steam works common Redistributables
Apparently, it is a very common issue, the problem is whenever you go to launch a game, you are going to get a little window to pop up saying game launching, going to flash a little black window, which could disappear very quickly, and then it is going to tell you that the game is launching again and it...

10 Best Hidden Object Games in 2020

Best hidden games
Hidden objects games have risen to popularity because the masses are looking for challenging tasks that no one can master. The puzzle style games deliver satisfaction and players get rewarded for finding the lost gem of the round. Players face the challenge to find a gem in the given environment and the game rewards for your patience. 1. Quiet Place Quiet...