Alternatives to Enthusan TV for Downloading and Streaming Movies Online

People all over the world are crazy about Bollywood movies and Tollywood movies. Especially in Asia, almost everyone watches Bollywood or Tollywood movies, Einthusan is a platform where you can watch such movies.

You can watch movies online on Einthusan, it is a popular website for that. From Tamil, Kannada, Telugu, Malayalam to Bengali, Chinese, Hindi, etc, you can stream various language movies. If you are looking for rare underrated Hindi movies, Einthusan is a great platform for that. You can buy it’s a subscription which will be a one-time payment. Einthusan is also available for free and it also gives an ad-free experience.

Due to copyright issues, Einthusan is banned in India and a few other countries. It is banned in various regions as it comes under the grey area of legalities, you will find it blocked in your region. People from many countries have complained about Einthusan not working as I have told earlier copyright issues have led it to be banned in that area. Well no worries, here is a list of replacements you can try instead of Einthusan TV.

1. YuppTV

Your destination is YuppTV if you are looking for a free online platform to watch south Indian movies. You need to buy YuppTV’s subscription but here is something for you who are looking for free things, it does allow you to watch free for 90 days. So many Live TV channels, movies, TV shows, etc are available on YuppTV. YuppTV is a great replacement for Einthusan if Einthusan is banned in your area.

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2. Amazon Prime Videos

I guess you all have heard about Amazon, it is now the world’s richest in the corporate world. Amazon has launched Amazon prime videos to watch from Bollywood, Tollywood to Hollywood movies, you can even stream shows on it. It is one of the best replacements for Einthusan TV due to its large collection of movies and shows from various fields and genres.

And the best part is that Amazon prime movies provide a free trial so therefore you do not need to spend any amount of money.

3. Hotstar

Hotstar is quite a famous app for streaming movies and shows. Hotstar has a great collection of Bollywood and Tollywood movies.  Hotstar app is available on Android as well as apple ios. Hotstar is available as a website also. Hotstar’s paid subscription is also available for exclusive shows and movies. Hotstar is also available for free so it makes a replacement for einthusan TV.

4. Airtel  Xtreme

We all know about Airtel’s great services in the telecom industry, here is great news that Airtel has also launched Airtel Xtreme, a platform where you can binge-watch free movies and shows of various languages and genres. There are a few limitations to using this app, for example, you need to have an Airtel network connection. Airtel Xtreme also provides paid subscription by which you can access exclusive content on it. As airtel Xtreme provides free Bollywood movies and Tollywood movies, therefore it is a good replacement for Einthusan TV.

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5. YuppFlix

Yuppflix is a platform from which you can stream various movies of different regions for example Kannada, Hindi, Telugu, Malayalam, Tamil, etc. Yuppflix has a large collection of movies, it offers you a paid version where you have to buy the subscription but it also provides a  3- day free trial. 

6. Hungama Movies

If you are obsessed with Bollywood movies and Tollywood movies of different regions and languages, Hungama movies are a great platform to binge-watch all these. To watch movies from Hungama Movies you need to buy a paid version, but it also offers you to watch every movie for 10 minutes for free of cost. If you have a Hungama Movies app then it will give you 30 days free trial. You download movies offline and stream movies online on the Hungama movies app.

7. SonyLiv

We all know the world-famous company Sony, especially if you all have heard about it if you are a gamer because it produces the PS5. Sony has launched its movie and shows streaming platform, which provides you with a massive collection of Tollywood movies and Bollywood movies to stream online. It is free to watch therefore it is a great replacement for Einthusan movies.

8. BigFlix

BigFlix is a great replacement for Einthusan movies. BigFlix is perfectly legal as it is owned by reliance BIG Entertainment. BigFlix has a great collection of Tollywood movies and Bollywood movies of various languages and various regions for example Hindi, Marathi, Tamil, and Bengali.  Bigflix is known for providing amazing Hindi movies to watch online. BigFlix provides you a free trial but there is a paid version also available. If einthusan TV is not available in your area then BigFlix is a great replacement for that.

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9. Youtube

Youtube is probably the biggest and most famous platform to stream free videos of any region or any language, all over the world. There are many movies legally available on youtube which are free to watch, from Punjabi, Bengali to Tamil, Telugu, all are available on youtube. If einthusan TV is banned in your area, Youtube is a great replacement for that.

10. Voot

Voot is most famous for streaming its free online shows for example Biggboss, supermodel India, etc. But here is great news that Voot also streams a large collection of Bollywood movies and Tollywood movies for free. Voot is a really user-friendly platform, you can easily search whatever you want, the name of the show or the name of the movie. If Einthusan Tv is not available in your area then Voot is a great replacement for streaming movies of various languages and various regions.

In case you have Einthusan TV available in your area, here is how you can access that:

Einthusan Login

If you do not want to be disturbed by advertisements while streaming movies on Einthusan TV, you have to create an account to do that. And it is actually paid so, you have to pay one time to access add-free content.  You have to enter your mail id and you have to create a password, once you have paid the amount.  Then you can access all the amazing movies, once you have logged in. Einthusan is not available in the form of an app, it is only available in a website format.

At last, I hope all replacements mentioned above work for you all, Since Einthusan is not legal or banned in various places in Asia, due to copyright issues, the above list will help you out to stream Bollywood movies and Tollywood movies for free. We do not recommend downloading fake apps related to Einthusan TV, so it is better to stream the official website of Einthusan TV.

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