What is Lookmovie and is it legal?


Each and every production house are launching their streaming service these days which has become extremely costly to afford. Paying for each and every streaming service has become so tough. On the other hand, there are theatres which charge a lot of money for watching one movie and there are also other expenses relating to it which has become a major concern for any movie watcher these days. This gave a huge advantage and rise to a various number of piracy sites and lookmovie is one of them which really stands out.

What is lookmovie?

Due to the rise in prices of streaming services and theatres, many piracy and streaming sites started and lookmovie is one of them. Lookmovie is incredibly famous among movie watchers as it contains a huge array of movies and TV shows. The best aspect about this site is that all the contents are available completely for free. This makes it extremely attractive and infamous among users. You can not only download Hollywood movies but also watch them online making it very user friendly. Movies and TV shows are uploaded just hours after their official release which drives a large number of users to the site.

Why is lookmovie so famous?

Lookmovie is extremely famous among the piracy community and other wide range of users just because of their timely uploads. They upload many movies and TV shows just hours after their release which makes it very user-friendly. Users can not only download movies and TV shows from it but they can also watch it online completely free of cost. The interface of the site is attractive and easy to navigate which the users find very helpful. Their library is massive which containing several movies and TV shows which users will never tired of watching. Their current address is believed to be lookmovie ag

Is lookmovie illegal?

From the description provided, we can know that any movie or TV show which is not streamed by the respective production house is completely illegal and not supported at all. Similarly, lookmovie is also a piracy site which is illegal. They leak movies and TV shows which otherwise would have earned an income for the production house. Lookmovie sites have been banned in several countries but still, it exists with the help of proxies and mirror links. Lookmovie ag is one of the famous links which is used by many users.

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Is lookmovie safe to use and should you use it? 

Lookmovie is a piracy site but still many users have reported that it is very safe to use and they haven’t encountered any kind of malware or trojans yet but it may not be the same for you. It is highly recommended to use a VPN before accessing such piracy sites including lookmovie ag. Even though it is illegal no one has been arrested or caught for streaming or downloading from the site which makes it pretty safe for the users. This is the reason why instead of users, the sites are banned directly. 

The second question depends on your choice. It is always recommended to go with a paid service first before trying any kind of piracy site like lookmovie as they are very safe and reliable compared to others. Unless and until you don’t get access to paid services due to cost issues or nonavailability do opt for a paid service first. But if not then you can switch over to any of the piracy sites such as lookmovie.


Lookmovie is a very famous piracy site in which you can watch movies and TV shows or even stream them completely for free. All-new movies and TV shows are updated and uploaded to the site just hours after their release making them user-friendly. But it is highly advised to use a VPN while accessing it so that you don’t encounter any kind of malware or trojan which may be harmful to your computer and to keep your information safe.VPN also provided easy accessibility.

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