5 Incredible Streaming Devices You Should Try

The streaming devices out for sales have surpassed their predecessors. Don’t go on the size, they may be small but they are capable of delivering HD picture quality.

Ever since I have started streaming Manhunt, a Spectrum original show, I have figured streaming devices should be available at every binge watcher’s home. These shows are exclusively available to the subscribers of Spectrum deals and I enjoy watching them on my Android TV.

If you call yourself a streaming aficionado, these are some trending streaming devices to buy:

1. Roku Streaming Stick+

Streaming Stick+ is the latest streaming device by Roku. This lightweight device supports wireless 5 technology. This wireless receiver features 4 times wireless range to deliver smooth streaming from any corner of the house. It supports all major streaming platforms such as Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, ESPN, ABC, and more.

Whether you are streaming in HD, 4K, or HDR, you will enjoy sharp resolution and vivid colors on your TV. The best thing about streaming stick plus is that you can adjust the volume, mute, and power up the TV from one remote. When you don’t want to use the remote to give voice commands, use voice search.

2. Amazon Fire TV Cube

We all know Amazon’s Fire Stick devices are great but nothing can beat Fire TV Cube. It’s equipped with Alexa and it’s more than just a streaming device.

With its echo-like smart speaker, you can play music and ask it to tell jokes! Use Alexa’s voice commands for telling your TV whatever you want whether it’s changing channels, turning on the power, adjusting the volume, and more.

When you want to talk about something private, the built-in microphone kill switch lets you turn off passive listening. Getting started with the Fire TV Cube is simple, just connect it to your TV and use the power button to achieve it. Go to the setup mode, follow the instructions on the screen and you are all set.

3. Google Chromecast Ultra

This is a must-have device for Android users who are often found casting their device to the TV or using their smartphone as a remote control to watch YouTube. Chromecast Ultra is the third generation Chromecast supporting 4K resolution and HDR.

Convert your phone into a remote control to adjust volume, rewind, fast forward, enable the subtitles. To tweak Chromecast Ultra, use the Home app and integrate this device with other devices compatible with Google Home such as smart bulbs, smart speakers, nest hub, google nest mini, and others. If you don’t have 4K-enabled TV at home, then you may use the standard Chromecast.

4. Nvidia Shield TV Pro

This device is on top of the list of every gamer. It’s a game streaming and TV streaming device, offering the best of both worlds.

It features the Nvidia Tegra X1 processor, which is also found in Switch Console. You can play games through the Google play store or stream the games from your PC. To use it as a game console, you will need a game controller or mouse and keyboard. It supports all Xbox One and PS4 games.

When it comes to TV streaming, it supports 4K and HDR content. Did you know it can convert standard 720P picture quality and 1080p HD content to look similar to 4K through its AI sharpening features? Yes, that means everyone can enjoy 4K-like picture quality without breaking the bank!

5. Apple TV 4K

Streaming devices aren’t just designed for android users. iPhone users have plenty of options as well and the best of all is Apple TV 4K – the fifth generation TV. It’s the best streaming device of all. It features the A10x Fusion processor. It’s highly capable since it supports 4K and HDR content, Dolby vision, and Atoms visuals, and some other auditory features.

Apple’s Siri service offers voice support. It also features airplay so that you can display photos and videos from your iDevice on the TV’s screen. You can convert your iPhone into a remote and use it to perform all traditional remote functions.

Apple TV 4K also gives you access to a range of exclusive content available on Apple Arcade, Apple TV, shows on Netflix, Hulu, Amazon prince, and other streaming services.


No worries if you can buy all these streaming devices. Just buy one and enjoy a thrilling streaming experience at home.

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