Best Guide on How to Use Discord Spoiler Tag?

Discord is a messaging platform that you can use easily and also create communities. Though discord was initially focused on the gaming community others also slowly incorporated it into their communities. Even some schools and colleges have started using discord due to its amazing features. It has voice chat and video chat, screen sharing and you can be part of multiple communities.

Though discord is focused on a like-minded and friendly community some messages may not be for everyone. It can be a lot of things but we cannot stop people from texting too as it will affect them. That’s where the discord spoiler tag comes in. Discord launched this feature a long time ago. The best example that can be given for this feature is movie and TV show spoilers. When you want to discuss them but at the same time don’t want to spoil it for people who haven’t watched, a spoiler tag is the best option.

In this article, we are going to look at how to use the discord spoiler tag.

How to add spoilers to text messages in discord

Adding spoiler tags to text messages in discord is very easy and barely an inconvenience. All you need to do to add a spoiler tag in your text messages is to type “/spoiler” before typing your message. It will hide your message. This works both on the computer and mobile phones. Be it apple or android, you can use this to add spoiler tags in discord.

Add spoilers to text message in discord

In this image, you can see that discord automatically detects when you type “/spoiler” in the message box. This hides the message. 

If you don’t want to use this then you can simply type two “||” in the starting and end of the message. This will make your text appear like a spoiler too

Discord spoiler tag

If someone wants to see the spoiler message on discord then you simply tap on it and see the message. It is completely their choice. 

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Adding spoiler tag in discord to images

You can not only add spoiler tags to texts but also to images and attachments, now you know why people love discord. But there is a piece of bad news though, you can only do it through your computer or web app and not the mobile application. It is a huge bummer for mobile discord users. 

Too add spoilers to an image or an attachment, click on the + icon on the left corner of the message box

Adding spoiler  tags

Click on it, select the image or attachment of your desire, and check the ‘mark as spoiler’ box. 

Adding spoiler tag

Once the image is sent there will be a spoiler icon before opening it.


Spoiler tags in discord are extremely useful and come in handy a lot of times. Many times some messages are not intended for everyone and only discord has the feature to actually put a spoiler tag. So the message and the image will be hidden until the person wants to voluntarily open it.  

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