How to change your status on discord

Discord is a communication platform that was launched in 2015 catering to the gaming community. It had all the features that a gamer could asl for; voice chat, video call, screen sharing, and groups. Though discord had exceptional features it was quite underrated for years because it was used only by the gaming community. Due to this reason many people did not know about the application. But after some years Discord understood that there is a greater demand for applications with features similar to discord, so they constantly updated discord gathering more users over the period. 

Discord has an amazing feature where people can set the status to let know others what their current status is; whether they are active, idle, or offline. This really helped everyone as people knew when to communicate and when not to. Discord later allowed people to set their own status to let people know what they were up to. Though this feature has been around for a very long time, many do not know how to use it so in this article, we are going to look at how to set custom discord status

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How to set Discord custom status:

  1. Open discord and click on your profile icon on the bottom left corner of the window.
  2. Once you click that, select the custom status option
Discord custom status
  1. A box will appear where you can type your status along with emojis
Discord custom status
  1. In case you want to set a time period for your status or make it last forever, click the dropdown box under the clear after option and select one of the options
Discord custom status
  1. Once you did everything hit the save button to save the changes

How to set discord custom status in a smartphone:

  1. Open discord in your phone and click on your icon on the bottom right corner
  2. Select the set custom status option in it and you will be navigated to the custom status box.
  3. Once you have typed out everything and you will now have set discord custom status through your mobile phone


Discord’s custom status can be very helpful, especially for creators who want to let people know about their podcast name, youtube channel, or any other thing. They can easily mention it in their custom status box and select the time period so that the status lasts for the time period you have set. 

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