Best ways to Use FaceTime’s Screen Sharing on iOS 15

When it comes to video conferencing, Apple is clearly going after Microsoft Teams, Zoom, and Google Meet with its redesigned FaceTime app. The ability to make FaceTime calls from iOS to Android, watch movies together on FaceTime, and share your iPhone screen all give it a leg up on its competitors. If you want to know how to use FaceTime’s Screen Share feature on iOS 15, look no further than this handy tutorial.

Using FaceTime Screen Share on an iPhone (2022)

Get familiar with FaceTime’s new screen-sharing feature before moving on to the simple steps!

How Does FaceTime’s Screen Sharing Work?

Using screen sharing may be second nature if you’ve used video conferencing tools like Zoom or Google Meet. It lets you share your screen with others so they can see what you’re doing in real-time. It’s useful for online presentations using Microsoft Powerpoint or other apps like Powerpoint, as well as in general meetings and brainstorming. The ability to share your screen also saves you time and effort, making it a great asset in a world where virtual meetings have become the norm of the day.”

FaceTime’s “SharePlay” feature lets users listen to music (via Apple Music), watch movies, and share their screen to view apps while they talk on the phone. Developers can now use Apple’s SharePlay API to incorporate this feature into their streaming apps in iOS 15. This is why SharePlay is a game-changer for FaceTime, in my opinion.

During a FaceTime Call, can you share your screen with Android and Windows users?

Mobile devices running Android or Windows can receive FaceTime links and join meetings online, but that’s about it. The video calling app on Android and Windows has a limited set of features. Moreover, SharePlay is only compatible with Apple devices. As a result, only those who own an iPhone, iPad, or Mac can take advantage of all of SharePlay’s features.

Since iOS 15 is still under development, things may have changed by the time it is made available to the public later this fall. As changes are made to the feature, we will update this guide. Follow these instructions for iOS 15 screen sharing with other FaceTime users until that time.

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FaceTime on iOS 15 lets you share your screen with others.

On your iPhone or iPad, open FaceTime.

ios face time

Create a FaceTime meeting link by tapping the Create Link button. After that, click I and select “Share Link.” After that, you can send a text, email, iMessage, or WhatsApp message to your contacts with a link to the meeting. Then, open FaceTime and begin a call.


After entering the names of your friends, you can tap on “New FaceTime” and begin a video call by tapping on “FaceTime.”

facetime connect

You’ll find the “Screen Share” button in the new controls panel’s upper-right corner when you’re on a FaceTime call.

You will then be presented with an option to “Share My Screen”. After a brief countdown, screen sharing will begin (3, 2, 1).

Select the app you wish to screen share with friends or family via FaceTime and then go into the app’s settings. That concludes our discussion.

Why Doesn’t FaceTime Screen Share Work Anymore After the iOS 15 Update? Why is this so?

Since the release of iOS 15’s stable version two days ago, we’ve seen a flood of complaints about FaceTime’s screen share feature not working for many users. Apple has delayed the release of FaceTime’s screen-sharing feature, so we decided to look into it.

iOS 15’s beta version included a FaceTime SharrePlay feature, but it wasn’t included in the final version of the operating system. Many of you are unable to use the feature because of this. Updated iOS 15 features list includes asterisks over the SharePlay feature for FaceTime, which indicates that the feature will be available in a future software update.

Cupertino also confirmed on Twitter that the FaceTime screen share feature will not be available until “later this fall” after a user expressed concern that it would not work in iOS 15.

So, you’ll have to wait a few months before you can use FaceTime on your iPhone to share your screen with friends, family, or coworkers. When FaceTime screen sharing becomes available in iOS 15, follow the instructions above to learn how to do so.

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FaceTime is an iPhone and iPad app that lets you share your screen with others.

This is how you can use FaceTime on an iOS or iPadOS device to share your screen. Apple’s decision to transform FaceTime into an advanced video conferencing tool makes me happy, even if I would prefer a full-featured FaceTime web app that would allow anyone to use the video calling app without restriction.

facetime theme

The iOS 15 official rollout is still some time away, as previously stated, so it’s possible that Apple will make changes to FaceTime to make it more compatible with Android and Windows users.

So, what do you think of FaceTime’s new look? In your opinion, does it have the tools to be a preferred video conferencing app for business and private use? If you have anything to add, please do so in the space provided below.

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