5 Best Memoji for Android in 2021

Memoji for android

iPhone has this crazy feature that lets you animate yourself and create emojis. You capture your face and turn yourself into an animated cartoon, this animated cartoon is called Memoji. Unfortunately, this Memoji feature is available only for iPhones and not for androids. 

Using Memoji you can create an animated avatar for yourself, style your hair and face too. You send that customized Memoji in iMessage to your friends and family. Even though Snapchat has a similar feature, it is not as good as Memoji on iPhone.

It is not possible to get exactly the same Memoji feature in android because it is tough to replicate android features but there are some ways and apps that you can use to create animated avatars similar to Memoji in android. In this article, we are going to look at how to get Memoji on an android phone.

Google board emoji minis

Gboard or google board has this extraordinary feature called emoji minis. You can scan your picture and turn it into an animated avatar and even style it. Of course, you should have installed google board on your phone and it must be your default keyboard.

Open Gboard anywhere and click on the sticker icon. Then click the + symbol and you will find the option of the minis at the top. You can use it to create animated features of yourself just like Memojis. 

Once you have finished creating them you can tap done and it will be saved, ready for use. You can go back and customize them anytime you want.

Samsung AR emojis

Samsung also has an exciting feature that it launched recently called AR emojis. As the name says, the Samsung device used augmented reality to create animated versions of yourself. The feature is available only in very few versions; Galaxy 9, 10 and Note 9, 10.

To create AR emojis you need to open the camera and switch to the secondary or front-facing camera. Tap the AR emoji option in the camera modes and select the create button. You can take a selfie of yourself and customize it as you want. 

You can also use various already existing stickers to create various poses of your AR emoji. You can then send these emojis in any app that you want. 


Bitmoji is probably the most well-known app for creating animated emojis of yourself and it is available both for android and apple devices. Bitmoji is also owned by Snapchat so you may be familiar with its features.

First of all, you need to install Bitmoji first to use it. Go to play store and search for Bitmoji and then install it. You have two options in this app, you can either scan your face and turn it into an emoji or design your character from scratch. 

Despite being owned by Snapchat, Bitmoji is also integrated with Gboard, which means you can send Bitmojis wherever you want. You need not switch apps constantly just to send emojis, you can do it directly through Gboard.

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Facecam does not let you scan your face like other apps but you have to create your avatar from scratch. You can customize anything and everything using the app. Once you do it and save it, whenever you launch the camera app, instead of your face the animated avatar you created will appear. The avatar will replicate all of your face movements. You can use it anytime to capture pictures of your desire. 

You can apply filters too. The app also lets you use the images from your gallery and turn them into animated featurettes. 


Moji pop is similar to facecam app but has some exciting and unique features which will keep you hooked up with the app. You can take pictures of yourself, turn them into Memojis, and apply filters to it including the background. You can create a picture of yourself standing at the top of the moon using mojipop. 

There are many stickers that you can use with your custom created emoji. Sky is the limit for your creativity while using mojipop! Mojipop has its own keyboard so you can send these animated pictures to anyone and anywhere you want or save it in your gallery and send them as pictures. 


Memoji is an exciting feature in apple phones that has been bothering android fans for some time because of how amazing it is Unfortunately Memoji feature is made by apple so it is incredibly tough to replicate all of those nuances but the apps listed in this list come close to it. 

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