8 Best Alternatives for TextSheet in 2021

If you are a student then you sure would have come across a TextSheet at least once in your life. It provided solutions for almost all school and college assignments and projects helping students a lot. It was a homework referral website in short. TextSheet was using the API of Chegg to provide answers to the students but unfortunately, TextSheet was shut down. It was because TextSheet was using Chegg’s API and Chegg filed a copyright claim on TextSheet which led to their shutdown. Since then many students have been searching for the perfect alternative to TextSheet. In this article, we are going to look at some of the best alternatives for the TextSheet

School solver:

School solver is a well-known site that has been providing answers, assignments, and essays to students for a long period of time. They can get answers for one question or even for a full course/paper. If you are a tutor then the school solver will help you a lot. You can earn from teaching people online. Due to such a reliable system school solver has a great reputation among students and has been in use for some time. As an alternative to TextSheet, you can get all the answers and projects for a fraction of your money.


Slader has been gaining popularity recently due to its fantastic feature of scanning the textbook and getting the answer. Yes!, all you need to do is scan the barcode in your textbook and answers will be provided for all the questions in it. Students from the U.S mostly use Slader. The best part about Slader is that it is entirely free but comes with ads. In case you don’t want any ads and it annoys you then you can obviously get a subscription. The subscription costs just $1.99 making it incredibly cheap. Slader is fast growing and has already been called an alternative to TextSheet.Be it any subject: math or science, Slader has an answer for it.

Course hero:

Course Hero is well known and widely used by many students. It has answers to millions of questions, projects, and books making it a highly preferred website among the student community. Course hero’s site is very well organized so it will not be difficult for you to find answers to all your questions. Want to earn money? Course Hero has a solution for that one too. You can upload answers and solutions to the site. You can also download answers and documents from the site but you need to have signed in before you download. 


Studylib is yet another great alternative to TextSheet that provides answers for your homework questions and references for your project completely for free. You can also download them as documents for absolutely no cost. You can also share the answers with your friends. The site has answers to questions from a wide range of subjects from engineering to history. There is also a trending tab on the homepage that has the most trending questions and answers at the moment. If you devise to signup then you can upload papers and documents too that might help others. The site is entirely free too! If you feel like you have something that can help other fellow students then you can upload it to the site for free!


Chegg is probably the best alternative for TextSheet and even better than TextSheet. TextSheet itself was using the API of Chegg for providing answers and projects. Chegg covers a lot of subjects, almost 80 subjects in total! Mobile apps are also available in the play store and AppStore so you can use them via mobile too. The only drawback is that to use the site or app you need to pay a subscription, but believe us this subscription will be absolutely worth it. If you pay $30 a month then you also get to have a video call feature! 

Write my paper hub:

Write my paper hub is not just used in the U.S but also in many other countries such as Canada and the U.K. Write my paper hub is used internationally by many students and has a great reputation. The reason for this is that it has hired experts to provide solutions for all the answers. Almost 50 major disciplines are covered on the site making it a strong contender for TextSheet alternative. The best part about writing my paper hub is that it is delivered to you without any third-party tracking your activity. And also the papers are plagiarism-free so you need not be afraid of it. There are no hidden costs associated with the delivery and purchase, the process will be crystal clear and user friendly.


Paperhelp is an excellent alternative to TextSheet and has been operating since 2008. Paperhelp is versatile, when we say versatile we mean from school assignments to Ph.D. papers! Projects and answers are available for almost all stages of education. The papers that you order will be delivered to you directly and will be plagiarism free too. The rate Paperhelp starts is at $10 and goes up to $24 per paper but the facilities and options increase too!


Sparknotes has been around since 2010 and students can get guides/answers for a wide range of subjects from their site. They not only sell answers but also test prep services which can help American students excel in exams such as the SAT. It is available on both the play store and app store. These are some of the subjects that the site covers:

Math and Science

  • Biology
  • Computer Science
  • Math
  • Chemistry
  • Health
  • Physics

Social Science

  • Biography
  • History
  • Psychology
  • U.S. Government And Politics
  • Economics
  • Philosophy
  • Sociology

Written Works

  • Drama
  • Poetry
  • Film
  • Short Stories


TextSheet was a great site for students and it’s getting banned really affected a lot of people. In this article, many alternatives for TextSheets are mentioned but it is best to stick with free alternatives such as Slader and Studylib. Though if you are pursuing something important and big like Ph.D. then it is best to opt for options like Chegg and Write my paper hub.

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