Why You Should Convert Your Files to PDF: 6 Advantages of Using PDFs

There is nothing wrong if you are still using the Word, Excel, or even text file formats when submitting or transferring files. But looking at the kaleidoscope of advantages, the PDF file format can help. As the world approaches the fast and easy processes of transmitting information, digital files play a vital role in many situations whether these are formal or not.

Newspapers, books, letters, and the like have partially turned their information distribution towards digital means such as electronic books and mails. Likewise with the offices and institutions, where files are becoming more and more paperless, results in convenient, inexpensive, and easy-to-store documents. Given there are lots of file formats that we can use for our documents, using PDFs could be your go-to option when creating files. Dive in to know its six great advantages.


If you would ask someone why they are kept on using PDF file formats in their documents, the common answer would be its steady and firm format that remains the same along with the processes of transferring and opening. Many people, most especially students and office workers, used to convert their files into PDF file format. There are a lot of tools that offer this service such as what you can get on PDFBear’s website. They have a large collection of PDF tools that can convert DOC to PDF file formats. They also offer tools that can merge, split, compress, and many more in application to PDF documents.


Name all the contents that you want to apply in your document: from images to animations; from videos to 3D models, PDF format can make it stable all for you. That is why a lot of art enthusiasts, who want to add a glimpse of creativity in their documents, used to utilize this type of file format. The versatility of PDF file format allows the users to manifest their innovations and craftsmanship without ruining the flow of information in the document. Contrary to the belief of messing some contents in your document through the use of PDF file format produces an engaging and coherent sequence of ideas.


Worrying about the quality degradation of the contents is common in file formats that have vulnerable features and interfaces. The PDF file format is offering an undeniably compact structure that enables a vast number of contents to be left unmanipulated and degraded. The idea of having a PDF file formatted document gives someone an edge to produce and apply ideas and concepts without experiencing hassle and trouble. Lots of electronic worksheets, especially in schools, used to be converted on this type of file as it has the integrity of sustainable information transfer. Visual artists also choose this type of file format, aside from PNG formatted image, as it maintains the size, quality, and value of image documents.


The PDF file format has become dominant among industries and businesses as it can be encrypted with PINs and passwords.  As it also does not let the other file openers edit the file because of its steady format, it is also safer from malware such as viruses and worms which are a huge threat to your computers and devices. Many publishing industries use this file format as it can put restrictions on those users that are not allowed to open the file. It ensures that their materials are not vulnerable to leak, such as its drafts before it goes to the printing press for publishing. The publishing company can guarantee that no one can steal the material, which could result in copyright infringement, through this solution.

Usable on any platform

It may sound too good to be true, but PDF files are known to be on most, if not all, operating systems (OS) and devices. The PDF file format can work with operating systems that we enjoy today such as Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android. You do not also have to worry if you are just using a mobile phone or tablet device as it could be opened with it. The receiver of the document does not worry about opening your file with it, ensuring you a hassle-free file transfer. What also makes it cooperative is its ability to compress high-quality contents into smaller file sizes, consuming just enough space with your storage.


All file formats are meant to be used for professional purposes. What makes the PDF file format different from any other is that it has the overall features that every university, office, publishing industry, business, and even medical health centers and law firms would choose to use. From its security traits up to its versatile, stable, and convenient to utilize attributes, almost everyone in the professional industry would be encouraged to create their documents with this file format. Given that situation, students and industry clients are mostly being required to transfer their files with this format.


This was just a brief overview of how PDF file formats can help you with your “digital-paperwork” endeavors. From these advantages are those underlying benefits that we will encounter in school or the workplace. For now, enjoy the things that PDF file formats can offer you. This type of file format is just one of the other file formats that we can use with our documents. In the end, each file format has its advantages that we can always enjoy.

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